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Republican or Democrat: Who are Christians?
Mike Riddle
Mike Riddle lives in Long County - photo by File photo

I read an opinion piece recently that said Republicans couldn’t be Christians because they are too hard and uncompassionate. The piece said that, pretty much, the Democratic Party was the party of Christianity.

I will admit, if I had read this piece several years ago, when I was younger, I would have gotten angry. However, today being the open-minded and understanding person that I am, I simply chuckled and thought, “What a poor, ignorant person.”

I will say up front, the only three beings who know who is and who is not a Christian are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For those of you who are lost and headed for Hades, the Son is Jesus Christ.

Unlike this obviously chosen writer, I only know where I stand with God, and I can’t speak for anyone else. You see, this writer has everything figured out. According to her or him, all we Republicans do is try to starve poor people by cutting their welfare and Social Security checks. This person said Republicans don’t even support our veterans, and all we are is an elitist, greedy group who wants to hoard our money.  

This person based all of his or her views on supposed knowledge of Jesus. According to this writer, Jesus helped the poor and needy, and we hard-hearted Republicans just don’t have any compassion for them. The writer even said that all Republicans do is love our guns and preach against homosexuality and abortion. For all of these reasons, this writer said we can’t be Christians, that only Democrats can be.

The writer is correct that Jesus did help the poor and needy. But if this person were a Christian, she or he would know that the Bible is the perfect word of God — or Jesus Christ. It is without blemish and is written by men who were inspired by God.

The writers of the Bible were like different pens, pencils and pieces of chalk who were the instruments by which God wrote down His instructions for all Christians to follow. All Christians know this.  

What this means as Christians is that we have to incorporate all of the Bible into our lives, not just the “feel good” parts about helping the poor and God loving us and wanting to give us everything that our hearts desire.

You see, the Bible also speaks of responsibility and the satisfaction that work brings man. It also speaks of marriage and defines it as a union created by God between a man and a woman. It also speaks of loving your neighbor as yourself, despite whether you like this person or not.

It also speaks of worrying about the board in your own eye before you start worrying about the splinter in your neighbor’s eye. It also speaks of God having a purpose for people while those people were still in their mother’s stomach — and if you don’t understand what this means, it means that God sees life as beginning at conception, not at birth. It also speaks of not murdering people, and the word “people” includes both those who are walking around and those who haven’t been born yet. It speaks of putting God first and loving him above all things and people.

And it speaks of much more.

I won’t do like this other writer and say Democrats can’t be Christians.

You can be a Democrat, a Republican and just about anything else and be a Christian. All you have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and make him No. 1 in your life, and you are a Christian. With regard to politics, when I get to heaven, I know I will see a bipartisan gathering.

But having said that, I must also say that as time has passed, especially at the state and national level, the Democratic Party has slowly fallen off of the path of Christianity. Most of the policies the party supports are in direct opposition to what the Bible teaches. This is a fact.

Another fact is that the Republican Party is diluting its beliefs in an effort to move to the “center” and it, too, is moving away from what the Bible teaches. Republican leaders who profess to be Christians first and political leaders second — like Mike Huckabee, George W. Bush, Ben Carson and Pat Buchannan — are vilified and called “extremist.” The sad fact is that if the Republican leaders at the national level do not maintain a hard line on Christian, conservative values, in a few years, there will be little difference between the two parties.

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