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School board has gotta be kidding with payout
Letter to the editor

Editor: Either your reporting of the "BoE, superintendent to part ways June 30" had an error or this is another one of those "you gotta be kidding me" moments.

If the super’s contract was not being renewed and it was mutually agreed upon, why oh why are the county taxpayers paying her $15,833 per month for the next 12 months when she is no longer employed by the county?

Paragraph 5c. of the contract you posted on your website only allows for such payment under the clause: "Discharge without cause: The Board may terminate this contract without cause."

Again, as you reported, it was mutually agreed upon not to renew the contract, which expires 30 June 2017.

Isn’t that different from being discharged without cause?

Have folks forgotten the superintendent’s original contract was for $170,000 that all parties signed, and was raised to $190,00 without being on the agenda or the BoE minutes as reported by WTOC and the Coastal Courier:

Quite a ruckus with lots of excuses there for a while that never really seemed to subside.

Not delving into the merits, or not, of Mr. Scott’s accountability issues with Dr. Lee and the other BOE members’ recent comments in your publication, I’m wondering if any of the school board members have read the contract.

If not, it’s available on the Coastal Courier website.

If they did, how do they figure a mutually agreed upon separation at end of contract constitutes "discharge without cause" and justifies spending $190,000 in taxpayers dollars for nothing in return?

Perhaps a Liberty County grand jury needs to be empaneled to take a real hard look at the board of education.

Just my 2 cents.

Bruce A McCartney

Trade Hill Community

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