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'Shall make no law' is pretty clear
Legislative update
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With debate about your Second Amendment rights in the news recently, it's important to remember the principles behind these discussions.
The starting point for any conversation should be that the Bill of Rights ensures the government will not encroach on your inherent right to own firearms.
Too often, politicians and bureaucrats begin by deciding how much they will let you exercise your rights and freedoms. The government doesn't, or shouldn't, punish Americans under the First Amendment for speaking or practicing their religion (though the Obama Administration is attempting to attack Americans on both), but the conversation over the right to bear arms always begins by assuming it should be restricted — and that's not right.
You should not be treated like a criminal because you are exercising your rights. "Congress shall make no law" is pretty clear language, and my position is just as clear.
As a defender of freedom and reliable supporter of gun rights, I will always defend your interests in Washington.

Kingston serves the 1st Congressional District of Georgia, which includes Bryan County.

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