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She's very much alive, thank you
Letter to the editor
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Editor: Enjoyed the June 28 article in the Courier headlined "A craft and a passion" featuring a dear friend, David Swinford. However, a couple of corrections are necessary.

Regarding the Friends of Fort Morris Group, Mr. Swinford said that when he joined the organization he was the youngest member and is now 55 and the rest of them passed way. Just want you to know I was a charter member of the group and I ain’t dead yet!

My husband, Lew was the person behind establishing the group.

The Friends of Fort Morris continue to meet on a regular basis. Also, former members Tom and Patsy Slater are still alive, but have moved to New York state.

David also stated that he built a canon for Fort Wayne, Indiana. I was not aware of that. However many years ago, Lew and I bought cannon from a Canadian cannon maker to use at Fort Morris and other sites around the state. After Lew passed away I sold that cannon to Fort Wayne, Indiana. Lew was a native of Indiana.

Just wanted you to know I am 85 and still very much alive and still attending Friends of Fort Morris meetings (along with much younger members) and help out as much as I can.

Yvonne Ewbank


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