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Sound off for April 17

“Kudos to Frank Long for making our children feels special during the stressful GMAS. State testing for these young children is ridiculous but FLE has made it encouraging.”

“Your article about the Bradwell fight is inaccurate and everything in there is twisted up. If y’all are going to tell a story tell it right.”

“In reference to the fight at LCHS, parents should monitor their child’s social media activity. This was not the school’s fault. According to my daughter, this could have been avoided. Shame on you parents! You failed to educate your child about how they should use social media. Parents, please monitor your child’s cell phones and who they talk to...”

“The story about the Bradwell and Liberty fights are completely false. Maybe they should have listened to the students before telling a false narrative, since administrators were the ones that failed our students.”

“Parents at BI and LCHS, our children are being railroaded at student tribunal hearings. Staff at BI could have intervened and stopped the fight at BI before it started but instead, left it up to the kids to separate the fight and the kids got punished to the max for it. Let’s raise our voices and let Liberty County schools know we will not stand by and let them do this to our children. Last time mine, next time could be yours!”

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