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Sound off for Dec. 19

“Thank you, Coach Couch, Bradwell Head Football coach. You will be missed. Thank you for giving our football players a role model. My son doesn’t have a dad role model in his home.”

“I strongly encourage the HPD to actively enforce two ongoing serious traffic violations. One is the center (left turn only) lane which is constantly being misused. The other is the hands free cell phone law. As a regular and cautious driver, I see these problems several time daily. Please don’t wait until someone is seriously injured or killed.”

“Why were part of the comics missing, why was the top of some of the comic strips cut off, why has the same Henry comic strip been in the last, at least three papers, been the same? Does anyone check what’s in your paper before you publish it?”

“Liberty County sheriff’s office refuses to pay their employees overtime. Officers work long hours and don’t get off when they are scheduled to be off but yet don’t get paid for it.  LCSO if you want to keep people then pay them.”

“Just want to say thank you to Mindy Westphal who was the founding leader of No Excuse Mom- Fort Stewart and has created a group of healthy and friendly walkers and goal setters.  The name has been formally been changed to No Excuse Mom - Liberty County and I know she is happy to leave the group in great hands. Ladies if you need online and IRL support for your health goals in 2019 look us up on Facebook.”

“The average 11-year-old vehicle’s headlights generate 20 percent (1/5th) of the illumination as new headlights” (USA Today, 12/12/2018). The plastic covering the bulbs becomes clouded or yellowed. If you can’t see the bulbs clearly, they can’t light up the road nearly enough to drive at ‘safe speeds.’ Just as bad, perhaps, is that other drivers can’t see you very well either. Pedestrians: If you manage to see such dim headlights coming your way, it may be too late to update your will.”

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