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Sound off for Feb. 13

“The Taco Bell in Hinesville has its doors locked at this very moment to lock out a homeless woman. It’s cold and windy out and I am appalled that they locked their doors to keep out a homeless woman. She did not appear to be causing any problems. My family and I felt so bad for her that we went to Little Caesar’s Pizza and bought her a pizza. People need to band together and help those in need instead of shunning those that are having a hard time!” (Editor’s note: There are churches and organizations in our community that assist the homeless, like the Liberty County Homeless Coalition. Email

“I find it interesting that none of our representatives have commented on HB7, which if passed will provide a great tax relief to retired veterans. So many of us need this. Is the Coastal Courier aware of this bill?”

“I’m calling concerned over the county wide fire protection plan. The county can save lots and lots of money by not sending three or four large fire trucks, ambulances, first responders, deputies, state patrols to somebody that has a pile of leaves burning in their yards. I’ve seen it happen. My friend had a small fire in his yard, somebody called it in, and they sent all this equipment. Totally ridiculous.”

“We would love to have a tennis court on Freedom Grove Road and develop it a little more. Can you please give us some information on how we can do that? The community is ready to spearhead a tennis court on Freedom Grove Road and some other things. Let us know how we can help.”

“I’m so glad that someone has recognized that Liberty Regional hospital has been trying to rip people off. They’ve been trying to get me in the same way with a bill that doesn’t exist. And try to harass you with – and you say show me the proof. They are trying to rip us seniors off, so be aware of it, they will charge you with something and you didn’t even receive it.”

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