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Sound off for Feb. 2

“I was involved in a hit-and-run January 31 around 6:45 in the a.m. at the corner of Airport Road and Highway 84 where there are three gas stations, each located on a corner. The person who hit me was a black male; he had a lime green or yellow safety jacket on with reflector tape on it. He was driving either a red or burgundy color car. I was only able to get a partial view of his license plate in the first three letters I believe was RPN. He had on a lander but I was not able to see what company he worked for. After he realized that I had two little girls in the car and one of them was hurt, he sped off.  If you work or recognize the description of this car, please contact the Walthourville Police Department.”

“I’m concerned why the Long County Pre-K never picks an African American child for the Homecoming Court. For the past seven years we’ve never had an African American child represent the Pre-K at Homecoming.”

“What do y’all mean exactly when you write that city council or somebody had an ‘executive session’? Makes it sound like just part of their normal business but a reporter told me it really means closed-door, secret, citizens locked out. Isn’t that against the law? Maybe reporters could include a sentence or two in their pieces saying what these executive session really are. (Editor’s note: In Georgia, an executive session legally allows a governing body to discuss litigation, personnel or real estate in private. However, once the elected officials reconvene into open session, they must publicly announce what action, if any, they will take, such as to vote to approve or not approve what was discussed behind closed doors.)

“Well it’s about time Riceboro decided to do something for the older folks other than spend grant money on their personal (wants).”

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