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Sound off Feb. 5
Sound Off
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You won’t post a comment about an illegal daycare in the county.  But you will allow a lunatic from the house of prayer to publish an article about the rapture?  Something seems to be a little off when the priorities of this “news”paper.  Speaking of lunatics, why do you insist on publishing the paranoid rambling of a mad woman who seems to think its grammatically acceptable to being every sentence with the word for.

Its about time that these high speed chases are stopped.  In just a little over a year, the lives of two Long County law enforcement officers and innocent bystanders have been lost due to high speed chases.  The law breakers they were chasing no doubt would have been arrested if they had stopped when the blue lights flashed, but were their crimes worth the lives of anyone, the guilty or the innocent?  Find another way to catch these criminals.  I can only imagine how it would feel if a member of my family were killed or injured during one of these chases due to just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It would be interesting to hear law enforcement’s defense of the current policy.  Please law makers stop this madness!!!!

David Purdue is merely a submissive office holder. Very much  a coward in every sense when it comes to standing for up what’s morally right, oh I forgot David Perdue doesn’t have a spine or a moral conscious. His actions are not in accordance with American characteristics. The senator only servers a certain group of people and not we the people and can give a dam about a more perfect union. The senator is only concern with himself and gives a dam about you and your family. Please take a look at record in the Senate not on your behalf and in your best interest.   Not we the American people. This guy is merely follower and highly submissive to its leader. The blind leading the blind and if you stand for nothing then you will fall for anything then David Perdue is that guy merely a mess.

Liberty County High School Head Football coach should be replace. It sad when I see the Bradwell Football coaches fighting for all there players getting scholarship . Liberty County High school football coach only fight for few are I should say three players.. This is my son last year and  he said Coach Warner only like certain players..That’s sad.

I cannot work with Dr. Barbra. He micromanages and is not specific with his direction. He confuses any process by talking you to sleep and assigning tasks that lower morale. We checked and he was not a high performing principal in Georgia. Dr. Perry has to stop bringing in his friends. Perry once served as Barbra’s Assistant Principal and now he has hooked him up with a job as Deputy where he is obviously expendable.

Shame that we have an Assistant Superintendent, Executive Directors, and Directors at the Central Office but the Deputy Superintendent has to take over BI because no one has credentials to run a school. Dr. Perry please clean house and get people around you that have experience improving schools or go ahead and get rid of Deputy Dawg. He’s not worthy of the title but you have disrespected the superintendency. You also should admit that your decision to bring in a person with no experience was a bad decision. Gilbert and Woods are looking like heroes right now. Eat crow and bring them back and take the Dawg to the pound.

Hey Dr. Perry I’m upset because you always show up for the photo but never participate in the process. You will even criticize the process and later take credit. Stay away and let our Principal and AP’s get the credit they deserve as beloved leaders. Keep the Deputy away too. He is surely more in love with himself than we are with him and he is not a person that most want to follow. Most teachers dislike you both because of back stabbing behavior.

To the person mandating school curriculum, just don’t.  The health curriculum covers nutrition and physical science isn’t about the human body. As with morals, values and proper behavior, eating habits education should begin at home,  with schools reinforcing those parental responsibilities. Schools are not responsible for raising your children.  Schools are responsible for providing an academic education. Unfortunately, they are required to do both now.

I’ve mentioned before about Phillips Rd. Now I’m angry. I got stuck in the ditch and was sinking fast. I’m disabled and COULD NOT get out. I was terrified and had a panic attack. I’m getting a petition with as many signatures as I can. If anyone with a big name lived here it would be done. I want our county commissioner to get involved as he should. We want something done before someone dies. PLEASE.

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