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Sound off for Feb. 9

“Climate is not the same as weather. Just because it is cold outside does not refute the fact that climate change is real.  And even if you were to use some daily temperatures to try and disprove climate change, why would you not reference Australia where there are record highs right now?  You are just preparing future generations for failure by living in your ignorance.”

“I was reading the Sound Off about the East End forming a committee for fire protection. You are wasting your time. You can go to commission meetings and they sit there and listen to you and they will laugh at you when you walk out the door. All of them needed to be voted out.  This countywide fire protection plan the administrator is putting through has got to be the most unfair tax on the taxpayers of Liberty County that they’ve ever pushed down their throats. Only the people in the county are going to pay this tax. If you live in the city you don’t have to pay this tax. So the people that are trying to push it through, it doesn’t affect them. This will probably be assessed on your tax assessment. People are going to be looking at paying $300-$500 more on their property taxes depending on the cost of your home. If they want to put this through they need to put on a referendum and let the people vote on whether they want this or not.”

“Mr. Mayor it is no wonder you have a lot of pedestrians hit by cars. For you are missing a lot of sidewalks in the city of Hinesville and people are having to walk in the streets in high traffic areas like Lee Road, Fleming road, Mahoney Road and there are ditches on both sides of the roads where there should be storm drains instead of ditches. As for Hwy 196 and 84 they could put in pedestrian over passes where there are shopping areas like RJ Produce and dicks pawn and Dollar General. Highways 196 and 84 could also have more stop lights with pedestrian crosswalk signals. As for bicycles they need bicycle paths like in Jesup, Georgia.”

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