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Sound off for Jan. 16
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“This is the Fish-Wrap caller.  I just wanted to apologize for the way I have been acting.  It seems to have created Copy Cats who are claiming to be me. They all seem to be pushing a Republican agenda.  Because of their behavior, I will be voting Dem next election. They have shown me that the GOP just wants to cause a divide.” (Editor’s note: Hmmmm….. we in the news room are not convinced it’s really you!)

“I’m glad to see new faces to run for mayor of Hinesville. Because the old buddy system has to go.”

“Hinesville don’t be fooled. My son told me First Presbyterian Christian Academy in Hinesville has issues too. Bullying, drug addiction. It’s not the best school in Hinesville.  Ask the old baseball coach.”

“Seems like County Fire can’t get it together, little to no response in Gumbranch and it seems they keep forcing out good people I used to see a blue Toyota and gray Chevy all the time and I haven’t seen those two gentleman in a long time, what did they do, run them off maybe it’s time for new management so the good people stay.”

“Stop the bleeding now. We are losing too many good teachers. Somebody stop this man. Stop telling folks to pray and tithe. Support your teachers and principals. When you micromanage you are responsible for the outcomes.”

“For over two years now the Trump administration has not accomplished a thing, other than cause nothing but confusion for the country during this time and continues to this very day. We have a government that we the people aren’t being properly served by. We have a crook for president who has and continues to a cast dark shadow over this country mainly because he’s incompetent. Washington is no longer normal under this is administration.  I as a citizen believe that we the people deserve better, however some of us really don’t care because some of us don’t know any better much like the president. He has destroyed honesty, morality and integrity.”

“Trump kept his promise to run our government like he runs his businesses.  Bankrupt them, shut them down, and don’t pay the workers.”

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