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Sound off for June 12

“I was stationed at Fort Stewart from 1995 to 1999. I am very sorry the Trinity Missionary Church burned. I never attended, but I remember driving by and seeing it.  My heart goes out to not only the parishioners, but to Hinesville as a whole.”

“About those free onions: I have been a subscriber for 30 years and nobody has ever given me onions. So if they do it next year I want 30 bags to make up for the last 30 years that I didn’t get one.”

“Since Mr. Rogers is leaving the district and his job description is so long: is the deputy superintendent qualified to do anything that is in the C.O.O’s job description? Is he qualified to do more than anything than make Monday morning videos?”

“Mrs. Judy Shipp is absolutely correct in her letter to the editor. And to the call in that said that white teachers can’t relate to black students: there should be no difference in how any teacher, regardless of their color, should treat or relate to any child regardless of their color.”

“You have smart wristwatches, you have smart televisions, you have smart computers…what does the word smart indicate when it’s on your smart television or your smart wrist watch?  I’m 72 years old, never had a computer, a cell phone or an ATM credit card- none of that! So forgive me if I don’t know.  Please tell me.”

“Way to go Hinesville! I love the new nighttime reflective lane markers on General Screven- makes a big difference. Good job!”

“The DFACS in Liberty County is completely broken. They are not doing their jobs! These social workers all they do is lie! I hope Governor Kemp does something about this. All these kids are the ones who are suffering. There is a DFACS worker who was fired there, she left got a job in Midway, and now she is back being a social worker! She is a social worker thinking she is high and mighty! Something has to happen, these people who are social workers DO NOT EVEN CARE ABOUT THE KIDS!”

“Why is there no reporting about recent deaths in Gumbranch?”

“Liberty County School System who cares about NASA. We really need to work our kids’ reading on grade level and knowing their multiplication.”

“(Hotel fire) is what happens when you install new HVAC units without a permit.”

“This goes out to the school board member who think she is too good to park in the parking lot at Liberty Elementary. She parks right in front and blocks the front door and honked while we were loading up our special needs son.”

“I thought the City of Hinesville and Liberty County had an ordinance that all mobile home parks had to have paved roads that they maintained and skirting on the mobile homes. You need to check Southway Mobile Home Park. Why hasn’t Mrs. Thrift our county commissioner done anything about this? Dried leaves and cars and motorcycles don’t mix. One spark or Cataletic Converter could catch leaves on fire and if it’s windy the leaves could spread the fire. The City of Hinesville could become another Paradise, California and burn to the ground.”

“The Courier seems surprised that people are leaving LCSS. Maybe you should interview the HR department or better yet Dr. Perry and Mrs. Baker. I guess though this would mean that they would have to acknowledge the dumpster fire that is the central office and how its impact trickles down into the schools.”

“To the caller who refers to the Coastal Courier as ‘fish wrap’....I wouldn’t even wrap dead fish in their paper.”

“Dr. Perry it’s clear you are replacing principals with outsiders. Please leave our school alone. We have gone through enough and we love our principal. Please give our people a chance at these leadership jobs.  I’m sad that our local talent is overlooked by every superintendent.”

“As a county employee of almost 20 years, I am furious that the Sheriff can go in and demand his people be given a raise some getting almost $6 an hour raise and they’ve not been with the county as long as some have.  Wonder what would happen if all the departments staged a walk out?  After all none of us have had a raise in years talk about morale taking another drastic decrease!”

“Why would the Board of Education raise lunch prices? What they need to do is work on why Lewis Frasier Middle School ran out of lunches for students all year.  My son tells me for the last two years that this has been happening. The lunch ladies just throw meals together when they run out. Ask the teachers they will tell you.”

“Democrats that don’t like our President just don’t get it. They are so stubborn they don’t even consider the other side. The liberal media has them totally buffaloed. They feed them their own bias and refuse to report on anything positive. Proof of that is the fact that 92 percent of the time they show their bias with negative stories about conservatives, especially President Trump. Wake up libs before all is taken away. Things like your private health insurance, the tax cut (yes you are getting more of your money), and free this and free that will drain your income. Free doesn’t work. Give yourself a chance. Listen to both sides. #walkaway”

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