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Sound Off June 19
Sound off phone

“One person’s ‘fish wrap’ is another person’s source of information. As I ‘sound off’ just looking at other people’s concerns and issues- wow we are blessed beyond measure. Thank you Coastal Courier.” 

“Coastal Courier please get into the habit of listing addresses when you’re writing an article about an event. In the article ‘Time again to prepare for Hurricane Season’ there is no address for the Liberty EMA where someone can pick up a hurricane guide.”

“My daughter and I love playing tennis, but we seem to only find one tennis court. I noticed there is a tennis court on Airport road that is dilapidated. Is there any way we can spearhead a campaign to get that tennis court up to par so all the kids can enjoy it?”

“I don’t want to pay for Ludowici City water I can’t drink. I told the Ludowici water department clerk that I have very low water pressure and the water smells too bad to drink. I asked her to ask the mayor if he would replace the water line to my house. The mayor said he would replace the water line, but nobody has told me when it will get done.” 

“To the person who is blaming the Sheriff for going to bat to get his employees a raise... you need to change your mentality.  The County Administrator hasn’t given a raise in over 10 years but somehow gets one himself.  Every county employee deserves a raise at this point so maybe get with your boss and ask him/her to man up and approach the county administrators to fight for a raise in your department.”

“On behalf of some concerned parents, I would like to know what school cell phone policies are.  Not in regards to students, but staff.  My kid frequently comes home and tells me that his teachers and parapros are ‘always on their phones and Facebook.’  Call me crazy, but shouldn’t staff be teaching and actively supervising students?  It’s one thing if you are on a lunch break, but it’s another when it comes to the rest of the six hours my kid is in your care.  It may be too late this year, but administrators need to be more aware of what is going on and not going on in the classrooms.  If students are expected to follow phone policies, so should staff.”

“Beware females that live off Joyner Road area we may have a Sexual Predator in the area. For he knows when you are naked in the bath room and knows your doors or windows are not shut for he uses the phone to call your number then takes picture of you when you answer the phone. First thing ask if you are not Mexican push No. 1 on your phone. Then nothing. Someone needs to stop him before he does something other than pictures. Right local law enforcement!”

“Has FPCA won a region championship in any sport in the past two years? Not here.”

“How do we meet with the new BI principal to let him know that the current policies are NOT working and just casting our children aside without regard is NOT what’s in the best interest of the school or the children who go there?”

“There ought to be a lot of summer jobs for kids and teenagers this summer vacation. For landlords will be especially hiring. The pay won’t be minimum wage though. Maybe $2-$5 an hour to do yard work like mowing lawns and raking leaves and picking up trash. And steam cleaning the outside of mobile homes and houses. And cleaning off roofs. You may want to check with the landlords that have property in the Sharon Street area and Joyner Road area. They could really benefit from your help. You would get paid probably what they used to pay the illegal migrant workers. Before they got ran back to Mexico by ICE.”

“I have been watching these two guys on their Facebook page for a while now. It seems they both really care about children and teachers in the school system. Marcus Scott and Patrick Underwood we need people like you on the Liberty County School Board of Education. We need fresh and young adults. Mr. Johns, thank you for voting against raising school lunches.  You were the only board member who voted against it.”

“I see the court system is also on the take in Liberty County. For they send out a notice for jury duty to senior citizens who don’t drive. And tell them on the notice if they are late for jury duty or are a no show you are in contempt of court and can be fined or thrown into jail. For is this why they let the taxi cabs move to Midway and have only three Liberty Buses run each day when they have about nine buses at the department of public works. It’s bad enough that they cause the military people DUIs because the Liberty Buses stop running at 6 p.m. and it takes two hours now to get a Yellow Cab and local law enforcement fills the city and county coffers with money from GI DUIs. If there is a UBER system in Hinesville no one is letting the people know how to contact them. Wonder how long it will be before they send people in the old folks nursing home in Midway a jury duty summons?”

“Fighting on the girls’ basketball team. Fighting on the soccer team. Fighting on the baseball team. Great job LCHS.”

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