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Sound off for March 2

“Pastor Hayes you will never win City Councilman in Hinesville. So you might want to stay preaching in Walthourville. Are you might want to run in Walthourville I heard they always need a helping hand. Especially the Mayor or Walthourville!”

“Will the Courier put information about the upcoming city elections in November?  Sure hope so!  We need info on who is running in each district and how we can make contact with them so we can make an informed decision as to who we want to put in office as our sitting council representative.”

“It irritates me that kids are going hungry when their money balance hits zero. My child was turned away and embarrassed because I received no notification that he had no money on his account. The app the school uses to pay for lunches has never given me problems in the past. This is ridiculous to take the lunch from the child and embarrass them and leave them hungry.”

“In regards to the ‘Hinesville Police Department Wants You To Know ...’ comment, so the law is that even if one is driving the speed limit in the left lane they can be cited for not moving over for someone to pass who is obviously going beyond the speed limit?  What’s next, criminal offenses if you don’t hold the door open for bank robbers?  This is why there are so many vehicular fatalities.  The people trying to calm down the too cool drivers who can’t obey traffic laws are the ones being punished.”

“I don’t understand how our police officers, or judges, or district attorneys do not serve and protect! You had this soldier kill a young man and apparently he had serval DUI’s! Now you hear that another child was killed by a drunk driver in Glynn! What in the world is going on? You people that are supposed to serve and protect are not doing their jobs! Midway police is a joke! Then you have all these people who break the law, carry weapons, threaten to kill and yet nothing happens to them.”

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