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Sound off for Sept. 1

“I’m concerned that special education teachers are not on students’ schedules if they are in co-teaching classes. The BOE has decided to not list special education teachers on report cards because some may not be highly qualified. What about the teachers that are? They worked hard to get certified in their subject areas but are now being punished for those who do not have them. Are we go to start calling Dr. Perry, Mr. Perry? He worked hard for that title, special educators work hard as well and they should be recognized on student reports.”

“Can you look into the water situation in Walthourville? For the past three weeks our water smells like rotten eggs. We were told to open all outside spigots to flush the system, which we did, but the water still smells. In the process of flushing, we’re adding to our water bill without any positive results.”

“For the person complaining about’s no one’s business who my doctor is or how many times I go to see my doctor. That is personal to the patient and no one else.  An obituary is the writing about the life of the person who just left us to be with the good Lord and last words are written often times by that person before passing or family members left to handle it.  If you have knowledge of any doctors doing something wrong than report it to the state. It has no room in our obituaries.”

“Regarding funding to fix things in subdivisions I have only one question; where did the money come from to build a new sign for Mills Creek Subdivision where Vicky Nelson, our city council person lives?”

“Attention parents make sure you have money on your kid’s lunch account. I know sometimes we forget to pay it but make sure you have money on your kids’ bank account, or the lunch clerks will take their lunches out of their hands and embarrass them until they have money on their account. Just go to Midway Middle School and you’ll witness it first hand, so sad.”

“Lord what is the world coming too, a 16-year-old shooting and killing his father? Lord have mercy on their family, and Lord have mercy on our children.”

“To the clear cut operation that left the corner of Fort Morris Road and Islands Highway a disaster. When will you come clean up your mess? The entrance to Fort Morris Road, both sides, looks like a nuclear bomb was set off.  I would think you would be more conscious of the environment and the neighbors that live in the area. To our elected officials that overlook these operations, please do something to get this fixed.”

“To the person who keeps sending sound off bytes seemingly each week about certain folks getting discounts from businesses; know this, many businesses if you are 55 and older you get a discount, some you must be 65 or older.     Also know that if you are a veteran, retired, disabled veteran, active duty many businesses will give a discount as well.  I’m sure there are other types of discounts I’m not aware of.   If you want a discount, ask the business if you can have one and quit fussing about it here.”

“Paid county firefighters are a joke when the county can’t even run volunteer stations, promoting non-firefighters to captain, and losing trained members due to unethical behavior in the department. Waste of my taxes.”

“Why is Liberty County High school football team practicing at 6 a.m. in the morning before school? That’s not right or fair to the students.”

“Absolutely not, pink hair is definitely not a professional color for a teacher, neither is some of these natural hairstyles that teachers are rocking, but then again there is no professionalism in Liberty education. Some of our principals, and of course some of our teachers, so guess what – the pink hair fits right in.”

“Here it is another school year and the school buses are speeding again on Highway 84. School buses are only to run at 40 mph when picking up or dropping off students. Where is the Sheriff’s Office? I was passed by a bus doing 55. What are they going to say when students get hurt or worse? A ticket for speeding and child endangerment would stop it.”

“To the angry mom, if you point your finger at someone, three fingers point back at you. Finger one there was an open house finger two it is your responsibility as a parent to make sure your child has lunch money finger three the clerk only went by rules and regulations.”

“To the caller who rant and raved about their warm welcome at Snelson, you were fooled. Snelson has always been great at putting on a show. I used to work there, worst school in Liberty County, hands down. I could tell you horror stories. The students have no respect and get no discipline.  I feel sorry for the well-behaved children who have to attend there.”

“Ain’t this political process ridiculously and embarrassingly entertaining? What a circus! I’m having so much fun I’m going to name my next child Omarosa.”

“Donald Trump’s objective is to enrich himself and his family. When you can’t pay your mortgage, you can’t put food on the table and are unable to pay your family’s medical bills, people know that Donald Trump’s is  always going to have, when you and your family don’t. If you think that he cares about you and your family’s bottom line, he doesn’t. You and aren’t even a figment of his imagination if the truth be told. Corruption rules; Donald Trump is on the verge of murdering the party of Reagan politically.” 

“The President has somehow lost his sense of direction. He took an oath to support and defend American against all enemies foreign and domestic. The Russian interference continues and the president stands silent. The United States has the ability to bring the Russians to their knees and I’m not talking from a physical standpoint either. However, our leader must stand up for what’s right. The president appears to have become nothing more than a Russian propaganda machine.” 

“If you are on Medicare and Tricare for life, you can see how much your doctor is over charging you. For what they should be charging is the allowable rate that is posted on a Medicare statement.”

“Please understand the United States is the Russians’ target. The Russian state defines America as their primary adversary. The Russians know they can’t compete head-to-head with us economically, militarily, technologically, so they’ve created a new battlefield. They are not aiming to become an ally of the United States, but to weaken us from within. The Russians might not have hacked our voting machines, but they selectively amplified targeted disinformation and misinformation on social media. Sometimes using materials acquired by hacking and foreign de facto information and alliance with certain groups in America, the Russians arguably won a significant battel without most Americans knowing it took place. The United States electoral system is the heart of the world’s most powerful democracy; and, now thanks to the Russians, we’re at war with ourselves. Our democracy is under attack.”

“To the caller who supports Trump - I guess we do not share the same core values. I have a difficult time supporting someone who is a proven liar, an accused sexual abuser on many accounts, and a known adulterer. I truly have voter’s remorse.”

“Great Putin is coming to measure the drapes. Maybe he should go to Florida and check out the winter White House while he is here.”

“The Argentina newspapers are extremely happy with the trade wars involving the U.S. and the world. Argentina is now promoting it’s agriculture to Mexico and China.  They feel they can export corn and soybeans to new partners. Where is Sonny Perdue?”

“I have to wonder how the Trump family teaches their son on respect and to tell the truth. I was told that you have to model for your child so they see what you say.  You can only imagine what their son sees!”

“When Trump came on stage after his meeting with Putin he looked like a kid who just a good whipping from his Daddy.”

“Donald Trump is a seedy man, who loves being involved with seedy women. What an immoral human being who isn’t particularly bright in any manner. Trump first, please don’t let him, cheat you and your family.”

“Trump will never be loyal to the nation and its heritage. He has no values and does not accept responsibility for his actions. Trump shows little or no respect for others both personally and professionally. He never has, nor will he ever put the welfare of the nation before himself. Trump lacks the personal courage, integrity and intestinal fortitude to lead by example.   He does not handle adversity well at all and looks for the lease path of resistance. Into the unknown is where, Trump has placed the nation internal and external. He does not have the skills to be loyal to the nation and its heritage.”

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