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Thanks to kind strangers for helping with flat tire in the rain
Letter to the editor
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In a world of uncertainty, it is heartwarming to know that there still are good Samaritans out there. On the rainy morning of Oct. 4, I was bringing my husband home from the hospital after he had surgery the day before. We both were glad the surgery was over, and we were eager to get home. However, there was a kink in our plans — or rather, a flat tire. We were close to the intersection of Highways 144 and 84.

My husband was calling roadside assistance when a passing car pulled over and backed up. A young man, Michael, got out of his car and asked if we were OK. I explained we were heading home from the hospital when we had a flat. I told him my husband couldn’t change the tire due to the surgery, and I couldn’t change it due to torn articular cartilage in my shoulder.

Michael very kindly said it was no problem — he would change the tire. A few minutes later, Deputy Lt. Adams of the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office pulled in behind us. He assisted Michael with the flat tire while I held an umbrella over them.

After the tire was changed, Michael went on his way. Michael, you are a fine young man, and your mother and father still are smiling down on you. I know they would be proud of the man you’ve become.

Adams’ concern for our safety was very much appreciated. He followed us all the way to Walmart in Hinesville to ensure we made it safely.

The community can rest easy knowing there are men and women who patrol to keep us safe and care about us.

Again, our sincere thanks to these two fine men. May God bless each of you and keep you safe.

— Denice and Tom Ward

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