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The transformative power of faith
Pastor Frank King
Pastor Frank King

What we believe matters. “Everything is possible for him who believes,” Jesus says (Mark 9:23, NIV). This one verse speaks volumes about the power of our faith. It says, in effect, that faith opens up to us a world of endless possibilities.Of course, I am talking about our faith in God. A person’s faith can be in things or in human beings also. But when Jesus talks about the power of faith, He is referring to our faith in God.

In the Bible we read about some of the people in biblical times who trusted God and what things they overcame through their faith in Him. I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe that is old-fashioned.  I believe those of us who claim to be Christians are called to have that same kind of faith-relationship with God today. 

So let’s see how this works in life. We often allow our circumstances to define us. For instance, a person who has no more than a high school education may be convinced that the only job he or she can get is one that pays the minimum wage or close to that. Or someone may think that because of the color of his skin, society’s deck is stacked too high against him. That’s because people tend to act based on what they believe. 

I don’t mean to suggest that a lack of post-secondary education or that the reality of racial injustice does not make the road to success more difficult. Rather, I am simply saying that as Jesus said; everything is possible for him who believes. People in biblical times overcame incredible odds through their faith in God. We can do the same today.

The message of faith in God has the power to transform our lives. As a pastor, I love to see a new convert growing in faith before me. As he hears and opens his heart to the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, his faith in God becomes deeper and bolder. Over time, faith will pervade every aspect of his life. At that point, he will no longer view life through the lens he used to. Rather, he will be more moved by his faith than by what he sees. 

So how has your faith in God transformed your life? It’s easy to say you have faith in God. But as the Bible says faith without works is dead (see James 2:20). It’s the things you do and not the things you say that determine whether or not your claim of faith in God has significantly impacted your life. 

It should be a primary goal of the local church to facilitate bringing each congregant to a place of vibrant faith in God. The person who has genuine faith is virtually unstoppable in this world. Let us embrace the transforming power of faith in God. No matter where you are in life today, everything is possible if you can believe.

Frank King is pastor of the English-speaking congregation at the Hinesville Korean Full Gospel Church, 758 Tupelo Trail, Hinesville, GA, 31313.

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