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Tree recycling should be year-round
Letter to the editor
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Editor, To recycle or not to recycle, is that the question?

Every post-Christmas, there is a big play on recycling our Christmas trees.

Multiple reasons are given for this worthwhile pursuit. The remainder of the year, we seem to forget why we recycle this resource, particularly on the east end.

When we don’t recycle often, the dumpsters become completely full of nothing but limbs and branches. Then the compacter must make a special trip for compaction before the dumpster truck can come and remove same. Extra trips that cost the taxpayers $$$ for fuel and labor.

Why doesn’t the county designate a spot to drop limbs and branches, bring a chipper out as needed, then give the resulting mulch to citizens needing to mulch their flower/vegetable gardens?

Just my 2 cents.

Bruce A McCartney

Trade Hill community

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