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Trump administration failing
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

Here we go again for the Trump Administration now claims that the Postal System is backlogged and would not be able to handle mail in absentee ballots. 

And President Trump claims the Post Office and the people at the Voter Registration’s Office who handles the incoming votes by absentee ballots, will throw the ballots in the trash and your votes don’t count. 

And he uses this and the Corona Virus to put off November 2020 Elections until November 2021 after everyone has gotten a shot to prevent the Virus. 

If the Post Office is backlogged maybe he needs to send the U.S. Military to help. Like the military postal people at AG Row and the Company level mail clerks to the Post Office downtown to help the Civilian Postal Workers who can’t keep up with the mail. 

This is why I think our President is not Truthful with the people of the United States.

Robert James Wetmore


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