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Veterans not being treated right
Letter to the Editor generic

Dear Editor,

Senator Loeffler

Senator Perdue

Representative Carter

Representative Cunningham 

I believe that one time or another you all have looked into a camera and stated in one way or another how much you admire and support our nation’s Veterans.

With these latest numbers received I can with good faith and heart felt conviction CALL BS. 

There are 16,000, THAT’S SIXTEEN THOUSAND – SEVERELY DISABLED VETERANS in Georgia.  (Veteran Demographics of Ga 1st and SC 1st are similar) 

The Independent Living Program (ILP) was legislated by CONGRESS specifically for those SEVERELY DISABLED VETERANS.

Congress’ last legislation set an annual cap of 2700/annum nationwide when Veterans were becoming aware of and applying for ILP.  SOME OF OUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS then actually supported those Severely Disabled Veterans (See totals FY10 – FY14) in receiving that benefit.

What happened?  As I’ve told you all on numerous occasions 2014 brought the rewrite of the M28R (Policy Guidelines for the Administration of ILP (etal))   Note:  Legislation hadn’t changed to justify a rewrite, just how VA interpreted and administrated that Legislation making the administration thereof contrary to the legislation.

So now look at the States and cumulative results, knowing new numbers will be available in about a month, and tell us all again how much you support Veterans.

Is BS a good call?  What have you done, or more importantly, What are you going to do?

Severely Disappointed


Bruce A. McCartney, SFC, USA (ret – Ch61)

RVN 7/68 – 7/72


Combat Medic

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FOIA 20-09199-Final Response
Copy of VRE IL Annual Case Record_FY2019
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