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Volunteers will be feted Thursday
Keep Liberty Beautiful
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Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You may vote in elections, but when you volunteer, you vote about the kind of community you want to live in. — source unknown

It’s time to celebrate volunteers — and at Keep Liberty Beautiful, we have a lot to celebrate.
Volunteers are the essence of what we do. They create positive change for our community.  
From 5-7 p.m. Thursday, we will celebrate our volunteers for this fiscal year. We sincerely appreciate the South Georgia Bank and the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce for partnering with us for this month’s Business After Hours to provide this celebration at the South Georgia Bank office on the corner of Veteran’s Parkway and South Main Street in Hinesville. Join us as we have some fun and spend time recognizing some outstanding efforts.
Choosing the volunteers and partners to recognize with awards is one of the hardest things I do each year. We are extremely fortunate to have so many outstanding volunteers and partners.
If you volunteered with us this year, we want to publicly thank you. You have all made a difference in our community.  
I know I say this often, but KLB volunteers don’t just pick up litter, spruce up places or recycle goods. They also take a stand about the kind of community they want and are willing to work for it. They take responsibility for the choices they make every day that affect our environment and waterways and the health of our planet.
To slightly modify one of my favorite quotes, which I have seen attributed to Muhammad Ali and Gandhi (isn’t that an interesting combination?):  “Service to others — and to your community — is the rent you pay for your room on this Earth.”
Just in case you are thinking “I wish I had time to volunteer,” I want you to know that our volunteers are some of the busiest people in our community. To quote author Sherry Anderson, “Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time. They have the heart.”  KLB volunteers, like all volunteers, make the time to make a difference.
As our small way of saying thanks, we invite you to this appreciation event in coordination with the Business After Hours.  
We co-sponsor this event because so many of our volunteers are members of the business community. All our volunteers are invited for a casual evening of food, fun and fellowship. If you volunteered, I hope you will be able to drop by. Call 880-4888 or 368-4445 or email
If you are a “possible volunteer wannabe” and want to find out more about KLB, you call us, too. This event is a great way to learn more about our volunteer opportunities.
These individuals, businesses, civic groups, churches and organizations are the essence of Keep Liberty Beautiful. Although this is a county program, the actual engine that makes a program like KLB run is the community itself.
Thanks again to each of you priceless volunteers — you are the life of our community.
How about you? Are you ready to make a difference where you live? Contact us today to find out how to get involved. Is it time to “pay” your rent for your room on Earth? Join the 3,000 committed volunteers and let’s create the kind of community that we all want to have.

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