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Working around a failing economy
Letter to the editor
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Editor, There is a lot of work that needs done in Hinesville and Liberty County. There are a lot of people in the unemployment line here. And there shouldn’t be.

If you really want a job, you need to offer your services for no or little pay, below minimum wage, like maybe $3.50 a hour. Then an employer will hire you. For employers are out to make big profits for their corporations and companies. This is why most jobs in the United States went overseas to sweatshops.

In the old days you could use the barter system to get shelter, food and basic needs, including health care. The barter system is where you provide goods and services for someone else’s goods and services. For example, if you were a chicken farmer you could pay the doctor for his service with a chicken, or pay your rent by working for the landlord for free rent.

I see where work is needed in Hinesville. Like picking up recyclable trash along roadways and in mobile home parks. I also see a lot of yard work that could be done. Grass is high and running off curbs into the street. A lot of mobile home parks need yard work done. They have a lot of pine needles on the ground that could be recycled for cash.

So if the owner of the mobile home park or apartments pays you below minimum wage or not at all or on the barter system, you could still have more money coming in from recycling the pine straw. You may also save money at lower wages or the barter system because usually the employer doesn’t withhold taxes or report the wages because they paid you under minimum wage. And I have yet to see a recycle station that buys recycled items report the transaction to the IRS or state.

You can see we have a lot of jobs in Hinesville that need done. All you have to do is lower your pay expectations.

Robert J. Wetmore

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