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Bradwell band gets new equipment trailer
TigerMarchingBandTrailer 002
The Bradwell Institute Tiger Marching Band Booster Club presented a new equipment trailer to the school, Principal Scott Carrier and Band Director Jeremy Fermin.

The Bradwell Institute Marching Band has had some huge moments over the past few months.
The band placed fifth at the Georgia Marching Band Series Championship in November, recently placed second in the nation in the “My Pit’s the Pits” competition and finally got the funds to buy and wear new uniforms this past season.
On Monday, one more dream came to true as the Bradwell Institute Tiger Marching Band Booster Club presented a new equipment trailer to the school, Principal Scott Carrier and Band Director Jeremy Fermin.
“Our Tiger Marching Band has grown tremendously and I would say that it all comes back to Mr. Fermin because the kids love him,” said booster-club President Cathy Atkins said during the presentation. “He has brought in new fresh ideas and music, and with that being said, we needed something to get the equipment to and from competitions, football and wherever else we are directed to go. Having this trailer sure helps a lot.”
Atkins said the booster club and band hosted several fundraisers, but it was the corporate sponsors that helped them purchase and then wrap-design the trailer with the school’s tiger logo and mascot.
“We have to thank Wrap-It Signs, Coldwell Banker Realty, Diversity Health Center, Marcos Pizza, Baldino’s, Love-It Productions and Cooper Tires,” Atkins said. “And we want to thank all the students for their hard work and all the parents for their hard work as well. We are excited, happy and proud to be able to present this to Bradwell Institute, Principal Scott Carrier and, of course, Jeremy Fermin.”
“It means a lot to our band,” Carrier said, adding that the school has tried to grow the band program for the last few years and has made leaps since hiring Fermin in 2012.
Carrier said that as the band continued to grow, its ability to carry all its equipment became a huge task.
“And thanks to the booster club, who has done a really great job of raising money and determining what our needs are, we were able to get this trailer and get it wrapped so it really represented our school well,” he said.
“I am really thankful and really humble,” Fermin said. “And I’m having fun, and we are all just having fun in making music. I think it is my job to inspire the students.”
Fermin said most people don’t realize how much equipment goes into a marching band.
“Before we got the trailer, we were cramming all our equipment in the old band truck. It was stacked to the top … but now we also have this personal trailer to help get us to places now,” he said, adding that next year he plans to have even more band members in the program.
The BI band director said taking second place in the “My Pit’s the Pits” contest helped bring in a little bit of money they needed to grow and upgrade their drum line.
“But it’s just a start,” he said.
Fermin said the band needs a new public-announcement system and might need to buy even more new uniforms next year if it continues to grow in numbers.
Atkins said they’ve started converting older band jackets into pillow and think many of the band’s alumni might be interested in buying those as keepsakes. Proceeds will go to the band.
From 5-8 p.m. Tuesday, the band will host a fundraiser at McDonald’s at 801 E.G. Miles Parkway in Hinesville.

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