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Canes fall short against Warriors
Hurricane player Timothy Sapp (blue uniform) jumps for a pass, but a Warrior cornerback stepped in for the interception. Turnovers were the scourge of the local team Saturday as they fell to the South Georgia Warriors 12-22. - photo by Photo by Patty Leon/Coastal Courier
Despite opening the game with a halfback option pass to a wide-open receiver for a touchdown, the Hinesville Hurricanes found themselves short of a victory in their second home game of the season on Saturday night.
The 'Canes opened the game with a kick return by Cedric Lovejoy that placed them almost at mid-field. In the first offensive run quarterback Larry Fillmore pitched the ball to halfback Frank Troop, who then threw it to Travis Drayton for a 'Canes touchdown.  
Fillmore then kept the ball for a QB sneak and a two-point conversion, giving the 'Canes an 8-0 lead.
The 'Canes defense fed off the momentum and the South Georgia Warriors were forced to a third and 10. 'Canes defensive lineman, K.B. Brown jumped up and batted down a Warrior pass, forcing the punt.
But like their first home game, fumbles and penalties plagued the 'Canes. And as they were making forward progress in their second offensive stance, a fumble gave the Warriors the ball and a touchdown.
The Warriors drew a penalty flag for a personal foul, moving the point after attempt back 10 yards and were unable to convert. So the 'Canes still held a two-point lead (8-6).
During the kick return a penalty for a block to the back negated a 45-yard return by 'Cane's Timothy Sapp. The 'Canes were forced to start deep in their own territory, on the 15. Running backs Frank Hampton and Joseph Matavao moved the ball forward on two successful running plays. The 'Canes tried a screen pass, but a Warrior defender was there to snag the ball in mid-air and he ran for another touchdown, taking an 8-12 lead.
The Warriors lined up for a two-point conversion. On a pass play two 'Cane defenders were in the end zone and able to tip the ball up, but it ended up in the hands of a Warrior.
On the ensuing kick return, Quinton Griffin fumbled but was able to recover it, giving the 'Canes offense good field position.
Troop stepped in as the 'Canes QB and tossed a pass to Sapp. The Warrior defender got in front of the pass and intercepted the ball.
The 'Canes defense found themselves on their own one-yard line trying to keep the Warriors out of the end zone. Digging deep they held for three downs and then Brown forced a fumble, giving the 'Canes the ball.
Matavao was moving the ball for the 'Canes as the second quarter started. But the ball was knocked out of his hands on another carry and the Warriors picked it up and ran in for another touchdown. By halftime the score was in the Warriors' favor 8-20.
Fatigue and penalties continued to hinder the 'Canes for the second half as the Warriors scored a safety. The 'Canes regrouped enough to get another touchdown and two-point conversion, but it was not enough as they fell to the Warriors 16-22.
Warriors' coach Andre Williams said his team is undefeated at 6-0. The Warriors came into Hinesville with only 40 percent of their regular roster and the coach is confident his team will go all the way this year saying they have yet to meet a challenge.
The 'Canes are currently 1-5-1 as they get ready to hit the road for their next game on July 26. Previously scheduled as a home game, a conflict with the opposing team, forced the 'Canes to change the venue and travel to South Carolina to play the Scorpions. Kick off is set for 7 p.m.
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