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Chapman races to 6th in state
Lady Tiger multi-sport standout Quintunya Chapman is currently ranked 6th in the state and 23rd in the nation for the 400-meter dash. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon

Like a flash of light, runner Quintunya Chapman can blow past the competition in the 400-meter dash, leaving most competitors in her dust. The Lady Tiger excels in track, basketball and volleyball.

In the classroom, the honor student maintains a 3.5 gpa and took college prep classes during her sophomore year at Bradwell Institute.

Her athletic abilities and academic success have earned Chapman a nod from the Savannah Morning News sports staff, which is set to honor her with a Student Athlete of the Year Award.

Chapman dominates the track in the 400-meter dash. Currently, she is ranked sixth in Georgia and 23rd in the nation, according to and, the state and national ranking Web sites for outdoor track and field.

"I was probably more excited about it than she was," Chapman’s track and volleyball coach Readie Kelly said. "She knows this could be her ticket out ... and the more that she runs the better she gets. You need to realize she is just a sophomore. She has unlimited potential and unlimited talent and now it’s up to her."

Kelly said because Chapman has the academics to back up her athleticism the letters from colleges and universities are starting to trickle in. So far LSU, Tennessee, Alabama A&M University and Albany State University have expressed interest.

Chapman said she has three schools in mind.

"UGA, Tennessee or USM (University of Southern Mississippi)," she said.

"If she pushes herself and really works hard getting a four year scholarship out of here is just a cup of tea," Kelly said.

Kelly said one can only image where Chapman could be as a senior.

"I look for her to be number one or number two by the time she is a senior," she said about her track rankings.

Chapman said her personal best in the 400 was 55.8 seconds but her goal is to hit 54 seconds or better. For track she goes through morning and afternoon workouts.

"Usually I have to keep me muscles relaxed so I have to go through ice baths and rub downs," Chapman said. "I’m constantly stretching all the time. I try and take good care of my legs."

Naturally competitive Chapman said she enjoys all three sports.

"Track is my strongest sport so I’m going to try and work and become more concentrated in track," she said but quickly added, "Everybody keeps telling me ‘you have to pick only two (sports)’ and I’m like no, why can’t I just play three in college."

But if she is forced to choose just two it would be track and basketball.

"Volleyball will just have to be something I do on the weekend for fun," she said.

But coach Kelly has other plans.

"When Quintunya came in as a freshman she never played volleyball before so I’m working with her in volleyball," she said. "Faye (Baker) is working with her in basketball. She plays three sports and with that she should be able to name her ticket. She is going to be one of the top hitters in volleyball this year and we are looking forward to that. I plan to push her limits knowing that track is where she started but who knows."

Wherever Chapman attends she said she studying either physical therapy or veterinarian medicine.

"My daughter told me I’m going to earn my way to college so the monies you saved will be monies for me to enjoy," Kelly said. "And that is what I would like to see for her. Then pressing forward from that is to set a goal, say like the Olympics."

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