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Cocktail Party not for ‘Dawgs’
Armchair Willie
Armchair Willie

How in the $%#%$# does LSU keep doing this to me? The only one I missed was #$@$ LSU to go 5-1!

They are now the worst defending national champion in history and that is saying a lot considering what Auburn did after they paid their way to a national championship in 2010 and then collapsed in 2011. 

TEXAS A&M AT SOUTH CAROLINA: Texas A&M is now on a roll and you never know what South Carolina team is going to show up. Regardless, A&M can still be considered a dark horse to get into the playoffs and like it or not if they win out they can get there.

South Carolina has talent, but to think they can beat a hot Aggie team is asking a lot from the Gamecocks.

A&M is too good.


VANDERBILT AT MISSISSIPPI STATE: Why would you watch this game unless you had to perform community service?

The Bulldogs got blanked by Bama last week and the poor Vanderbilt squad is on a collision course with 0-10.

Mississippi State hasn’t done anything since beating LSU and now we know the Bengal Tigers stink. Vanderbilt should be in Conference USA or the Sunbelt, not the SEC.

I would rather clip my toenails.


TENNESSEE AT ARKANSAS: The Vols had the week off and Arkansas had their hands full with Texas A&M and lost a hard game.

Tennessee has been in a funk for the last four weeks and unless they come around on offense the Hogs are going to have their way with them. Arkansas has been one of the most improved teams in the SEC this year and even though their record isn’t fantastic, remember, they hadn’t won an SEC game in almost three years and have already racked up two wins this year.

I like BBQ, so I’m going with the Hogs.





It has never made any sense that this game keeps being played in Jacksonville when both teams have stadiums that hold way more folks. I guess the “Cocktail Party” outweighs that and the game goes on.

Georgia struggled against Kentucky last week winning 14-3 and the quarterback play is still a big concern as the offense keeps struggling. Kirby Smart doesn’t have a great track record with QB’s and it certainly has continued this year.

Florida on the other hand beat Missouri handily when they weren’t having boxing tryouts at midfield. I can’t figure out if Florida’s Dan Mullen is going nuts or is just some sort of MMA fan and wants to bring it to the SEC, but something has been off with him since the Gators lost to Texas A&M. I won’t even bring up the Darth Vader costume he wore after the game, oh wait, I guess I just did mention it.

Yep, nuts!

Nuts or not, the Gators have more than enough offense to score on Georgia and the Bulldogs are missing several starters on that side of the ball including Liberty County native Richard LeCounte who is recovering from an accident.

Georgia can’t score enough to stay even close to the Gators and if they do stay close, I’m sure old Danny “Raging Bull” Mullen will get things stirred up.

The Bulldogs were hit hard against Alabama when their QB couldn’t deliver in the second half and unless Kirby makes a move I think we’re going to see the same thing again and the Bulldogs will be watching Florida play Alabama in the SEC championship game in Atlanta.

It’s not going to be pretty Bulldog fans.


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