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Goodbye to Cherokee Rose, special folks
Cherokee Rose

By Bermuda Schwartz,

Goodbye to the Rose.

That’s Cherokee Rose Country Club.

Some of the best people I have ever met in my entire life, also, I couldn’t have done my job here without them.

I called my wife shortly after coming to Cherokee Rose for the first few times, “I think I’ve found a course that I’m really going to enjoy,” I said.

“Really?” she answered with surprise in her voice. She knows me better than anyone and she also knows I don’t care for frills and certain snobbish attitudes when it comes to a golf course. Give me a good course, but better yet, give me good people.

There are good people when it comes to Cherokee Rose.

I’m going to purposely leave out many names from this little love letter. I couldn’t name everyone who has meant something to me, but I hope they all know how much I have enjoyed the friendship, the laughs and the golf. Good golf too.

Cherokee Rose celebrated 50 years this year and the course, by all accounts, is in the best shape it’s ever been. I know it is from my past two years for sure.

There are holes on this course that demand certain shots, but it also has some give and take that let’s beginners enjoy their time as well. Good golfers can shoot low rounds, but make a mistake here or there and your score can reflect it.

If you play golf You need to come to Cherokee Rose. Memberships are reasonable, downright amazing to be honest, but it’s the people.

I’ve mentioned the people.

One of the biggest things going at Cherokee Rose is the Jake Blitz. It’s held each Wednesday and Saturday morning and then on Sunday afternoons.

It was how I was introduced to the Rose, the Blitz.

Jake and Jan Umholtz with help from Jack, Tammy, Mr. Leroy and others help drive the blitz. It attracts anywhere from a dozen to 50 golfers given the day and weather. It’s one of the single biggest drivers of play at Cherokee Rose. It’s also one of the best times you can have on the golf course. The people are fun and if you’re looking for a laugh it’s there too.

Miss Terry, Lauren and Treasa are the best when it comes to the clubhouse, the crew works hard to keep the course in great shape and the new procedures brought in by John, Steve and Jack and the board are moving the course into a great position for the future. Renovations ae being planned for the clubhouse, a new fleet of carts will be coming soon and there’s not a reason in the world why Cherokee Rose won’t be one of the most utilized courses in the area.

And then there’s Beau.

Beau and I played during one of my first times around the course, we have been good friends ever since. If you want a walking and talking music historian, Beau’s your guy. I’m amazed how much he knows about music and the kind heart he has for others.

He’s also a Florida fan. I didn’t say he was perfect, but his love of the Gators and cars and music sets him apart for sure. Beau and his family, his wife Marsha, are special and I know they will be some of the most missed folks for me when I leave Cherokee Rose.

I wanted to mentioned some folks, like I said before, but I know many I will omit. Tammy, Darrell, Dwayne, Mike Mike, Felisha, Mr. Arthur, Earnest, Dale, Steve, Vern, Jimmy, Patrick, Eddie, Josh, Tyler, Amanda, Jessica, Burns, Waldo, J.C. and Barb, Miss Gail, Anthony, Toby, Jim, Angel, Micah, Ed, Bob, Walt, The Shumans, Emma, Charlie the list goes on and on. I know I’m missing some folks, and again, I apologize, but know how much my time has been enriched by knowing all of you.

Thanks to all of you, and as the mysterious Bermuda Schwartz once said, “The best folks come from the most unexpected places.”

Cherokee Rose has the best people, and the dang golf is pretty good too!

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