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LCHS, Bradwell compete at Statesboro Relays
The Liberty County Panthers boys track team finished in third place at the Statesboro Relays on Friday and Saturday. - photo by Photo by Nakyus Dean

Liberty County High School and Bradwell Institute competed against each other and several other area schools at Friday’s Statesboro Relays track meet. The Panther boys finished in third place while the Tigers finished fifth.

The Lady Tigers finished in fourth place and the Lady Panthers finished seventh.

On Thursday, the Lady Panthers took a first-place finish with 135 points when they hosted Wayne, Effingham and South Effingham.

Assistant track coach Nathan Mims said the Panthers used many junior varsity runners in Thursday’s meet as the varsity squad prepared for Friday’s meet. Mims said track coach Darryl McCulley was impressed with the underclassmen’s performance in Thursday’s first-place finish.

However, not everything went perfectly. Mims said his Lady Panther squad suffered some injuries at Friday’s relays.

"Tyshunn Williams’ knee popped in the first event 4x100m relay," he said. "Shontavia Clay pulled her hamstring in the 400."


home meet results



Roderick Jones: 1st place 4x100m

Donte Jones: 1st place 4x100m and 2nd 100m, long jump

Jevon Jones: 3rd place triple jump

Demetrius Stinson 1st place 4x100m, 4x400m

Hakeem Clark 1st place 4x100m

Stephen Brown 1st place 4x400m, 2nd place triple jump

Micheal Rodriguez 1st place 4x400m

Glynn Finnie 1st place 4x400m

Aaron Bennett 1st place Discuss, 3rd shot put

Trier Bennett 2nd place shot put



Nazarene Hines 1st place 4x100m

Tyshunn Williams 1st place 4x100m

Unika Williams 1st place 4x100m, high jump

Niesha Walthour 1st place 4x100m, 100 hurdles

Courtney Alexander 2nd place long jump, triple jump

Jana Jones 1st place discuss, shot put

Precious Williams 3rd place high jump and long jump

Kayleen Watson 1st place 800m

Alexis Clinton 3rd place 1600m

Jasmine DebBrossard 3rd place 800m


Statesboro relays results

Girls 100 Meter Dash

5 Kwajelin Holsendolph BI

6 Nazarene Hines, LCHS

14 Candice Blair, BI


Girls 200 meter dash

3 Quintunya Chapman, BI

7 Kwajelin Holsendolph, BI

14 Precious Williams, LCHS


Girls 400 meter dash

1 Quintunya Chapman, BI

6 Shonteria Williams, BI

12 Brandi Thomas, LCHS


Girls 800 meter run

3 Camille Jackson, BI

6 Kissimee Herring, BI

10 Kayleen Watson, LCHS

14 Jasmine DebBrossard, LCHS


Girls 1600 meter run

6 Quianika Hatchell, BI

8 Alexandrea Drennan, BI

10 Valencia Scott, LCHS

15 Alexis Clinton, LCHS


Girls 3200 meter run

3 Quianika Hatchell, BI

4 Jasmine DebBrossard, LCHS


Girls 100 meter hurdles

2 Niesha Walthour, LCHS

7 Jessica Robinson, BI

12 Alexis Scott, BI


Girls 300 meter hurdles

2 Camille Jackson, BI

10 Alexis Scott, BI


Girls 4x100 meter relay

3 Bradwell Institute ‘A’ Runners

6 Liberty County High School ‘A’ Runners

9 Bradwell Institute ‘B’

11 Liberty County High School ‘B’

Girls 4x400 meter relay

5 Bradwell Institute ‘A’ 9 Liberty County High School

10 Bradwell Institute ‘B’ 11 Liberty County High School ‘B’

Girls high jump

4 Kwajelin Holsendolph, BI

7 Unika Williams, LCHS


Girls pole vault

3 Erica Washington, LCHS


Girls long jump

1 Quintauya Chapman, BI

10 Evelyn McClain, BI

13 Kourtney Alexander, LCHS


Girls triple jump

9 Evelyn McClain, BI

10 Jessica Robinson, BI

14 Kourtney Alexander, LCHS


Girls shot put

3 Jana Jones, LCHS


Girls discus throw

1 Jana Jones, LCHS

6 Makia Baker, BI

13 Chavonda Watson, BI


Boys 100 meter dash

7 Hakkeem Clark, LCHS

8 Roderick Jones, LCHS

9 Joshua Gray, BI

11 Joshua Gray, BI


Boys 200 meter dash

7 Demetrius Stinson, LCHS

8 Joshua, Gray, BI

9 Jerrell Inman, BI

14 Quinton Harris, LCHS


Boys 400 meter dash

1 Nolan Lowe, LCHS

5 Marsalis Jackson, BI

7 Anthony Holsendolph, BI

17 Quinton Harris, LCHS


Boys 800 meter run

6 Sam Williams, LCHS

7 Xanthus Lee, BI

10 Christopher Gailliard, , BI

12 Norris Richardson, LCHS


Boys 1600 meter run

4 Joshua Olsen, BI

6 Andrew Lopez, LCHS

8 Anthony Motley, BI


Boys 3200 meter run

3 Joshua Olsen, BI

7 Anthony Motley, BI

11 Jerry Heath, LCHS


Boys 110 meter hurdles

10 Robert Motley, BI

11 Julius Smith, LCHS

12 Willis Bowman, LCHS

13 Racean Ford, BI


Boys 300 Meter Hurdles

6 Julius Smith, LCHS

12 Willis Bowman, LCHS

13 Robert Motley, BI

16 Darrian Nelson, BI


Boys 4x100 meter relay

3 Bradwell Institute ‘A’

7 Liberty County High School ‘A’ 10 Liberty County High School ‘B’

Boys 4x400 Meter Relay

1 Bradwell Institute ‘A’ 2 Liberty County High School ‘A’ 8 Bradwell Institute ‘B’ 10 Liberty County High School ‘B’

Boys high jump

4 Jonathan Blair, BI

7 Emmanuel Fuller, LCHS


Boys pole vault

4 Jerry Heath, LCHS

5 Glynn Finnie, LCHS


Boys long jump

7 Jonathan Blair, BI

8 Donte Jones, LCHS

10 Marsalis Jackson, BI


Boys triple jump

3 Jevon Jones, LCHS

5 Stephen Brown, LCHS

10 Myrese Cobb, BI


Boys shot put

2 B Trier ennett, LCHS

4 Aaron Bennett, LCHS

7 Shaquille Russell, BI

11 Christopher Young, BI


Boys discus throw

1 Aaron Bennett, LCHS

3 R Shaquille ussell, BI

9 Trier Bennett, LCHS

13 Christopher Young, BI


Women: team rankings (16 events scored)

4) Bradwell Institute: 82

7) Liberty County High School: 37.5


Men: team rankings (16 events scored)

3) Liberty County High School:78

5) Bradwell Institute:55

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