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LCRD baseball and softball scores
A Hinesville Lodge player slides safely across home while a defender from Vietnam Veterans of America attempts to get to the ball. LCRD baseball and softball invites the community to watch the game Monday-Thursday starting at 5:30 p.m. at Troop Park, James Brown Park, Bradwell and LCHS. - photo by By Patty Leon / Coastal Courier
Liberty County Recreation Department baseball and softball scores:
(Scores and names provided by LCRD volunteers)

May 2
Pee Wee baseball league
Rockies 10, Mariners 2
Leading hitters Rockies
Andrew Rafferty 3B
Gunnar Coonrod 3B
Jake Brannon 2B
Leading hitters Mariners
CurVontae Bryant 3B
Julice Sams 2B

Expos 4 Cardinals 5
Leading hitters Expos
Benjamin Satele 3B
Dailon Bacon HR
Leading hitters Cardinals
Henry Blair HR
O’Brien Nobles 3B

Midget league
Hinesville Builders Supply 12, Hinesville Police Department 10
Leading hitters HBS
Matthew Lormis 2, 1B
Leading hitters HPD
James Lovette 1, 3B
Pitcher for HBS, Joe Holten
Pitcher for HPD, Kenneth Jackson

Kiwanis 10, Sign Concepts 1
Leading hitters Kiwanis
Austin Stoyle 2 (1B)
Leading hitters Sign Concepts
Darnell Dorcely 1 (2B) 1 (1R)
Pitcher for Kiwanis, Christopher Colon
Pitchers for Sign Concepts, Michaels Burnett and Darnell Dorcely

Mite league
First Citizens Bank 3, Coastal Courier 2
Leading hitters FCB
Jason Hines 1 hit
Jacob Bailey 2B
No leading hitters reported for the Coastal Courier team

Coastal Oral Surgery 1, American Legion 0
Leading hitters Coastal Oral
Hunter Miller 1B
Christopher Grant 2B
Leading hitters American Legion
Quindarius Watkins 3B
Christopher Bell 3B
Nathan Diggs HR
Evan Crystral HR

May 5
Pee Wee league
Rockies 8, Phillies 7
Leading hitters Rockies
Gage Sills HR
Skyler Bailey HR
Leading hitters Phillies
Hunter Hawkins HR
Freddie Paschal HR

Expos 1, Dodgers 3
Leading hitters Expos
David Jefferson 2B
Elijah Searcy 2B
Leading hitter Dodgers
Gage Dowdle HR, 2B

First citizens Bank 1, Interstate Paper 2
Leading hitter FCB
Dylsn Norris 1B
Leading hitters Interstate Paper
DeShawn McGirt 1B
Michael Deliberti 1B
Wallace Williams 1B
Kameron Warner 1B

Lions Club 8, American Legion 12
Leading hitters Lions Club
Evan Vaughn 2B
Ahmad Lewis 2B
Hunter Barwick 2 (1b)
Darrion Brooks 1 (1B), 1 (2R)
Leading hitters American Legion
Evan Crystal 2 (1R)
Christopher Bell 3 (1B)
Qundarius Watkins 1 (3B)
D’Mandre Williams 1 (1B), 1 (3B)

Sign Concepts 11, EMC 1
Leading hitters Sign Concepts
Gary Swindell, 2 hits, single, 3B
Darnell Dorcely, 3 hits, single, 2B
Dalton Smiley 2 hits, singles
Leading hitter EMC
Anthony Cowell, 1 hit, single
Pitching for Sign Concepts was Gary Swindell
Pitching for EMC was Joshua Winton for 2, Kane Perkins for 2 and Jeremy Broadwater for 1

Kiwanis Club 13, NaCon 2
Leading hitters Kiwanis
Austin Stoyle HR
Joshua Powers HR
Leading hitters Nacon (none reported)
Pitching for Kiwanis was Christopher Colon for 4, and Rickey Gilliard for 1
Pitching for Nacon was Paul Barefoot for 2, Lamar Speight for 2 and Tevin Womack for 1

Junior league
VVA 4, Heritage Bank 9
Leading hitters VVA
Christopher Rafferty 2-2 2-3B
Nicholas Graham 1-2 1B
Leonard Felton 1-2 1B
Garret Strickland 1-2 2B
Leading hitters Heritage Bank
Josh Driggers 1-1 2B
Matthew Brown 1-2 2B
Aaron Jacobs 1-1 1B
Kyle Hagler 1-2 1B
Pitching for VVA was Christopher Rafferty who took the loss and pitched 4 and Nicholas Graham pitched 1
Pitching for Heritage Bank was Matthew Brown for the win

Senior girls softball
Blue Jays 4, Wayne County team #1 5
Leading hitters Blue Jays
Brittany Schaadt 1B, 1B
Leading hitter Wayne County
Kenyatta McCray 1B, 3B
Pitching for the Blue Jays was Chante Breeden taking the loss, striking out 9 batters and pitching for 6
Pitching for Wayne County was Kenyatta McCray for all 6, the win and 7 strikeouts.

Heartbreakers 1, Wayne County team #2 9
Leading hitters Heartbreakers
Brandi Huerd 2B
Dianna Jimenez 1B, 1B
Leading hitters Wayne County team 2
Miranda Martinez 3B
Haley Mobley 3B
Sara Jones 2B
Pitching for the Heartbreakers was Danielle Durham who pitched 3 and Traci Holton finished.
Pitching for Wayne County was Haley Mobley.

May 6
Midget league
Hinesville Builders Supply 6, VFW 7
Leading hitters HBS
Joe Holton 2 hits, single, 2B
Bradley Morris 2B
Leading hitters VFW
James Moon 2 hits, single, 2B
Kyle Lannom 2B
Jose Albino 2B
Pitching for HBS was Shawn Lowe for 4 and Joe Holton for 2
Pitching for VFW was Riley Jarrett B
Richard Lovelady 2
Kyle Lannom 2

Kiwanis Club 8, HPD 0
Leading hitters Kiwanis
Andre Hofmann 2 hits, single 2B
Leading hitters HPD
Dontavious Jackson 2B
Pitching for Kiwanis was Rickey Gilliard for 5 and Christopher Colon for 1.
Pitching for HPD was Luis Colon for 5, James Lovett for 2.

Pee Wee league
Cardinals 16, Braves 5
Leading hitters Cardinals
James Precourt HR
Cleveland Dargan HR
Henry Blair 2HR
O’Brien Nobles HR
Leading hitters Braves
Khaliq Bailey HR
Cecil Battles 3B

Mariners 13, Athletics 14
Leading hitters Mariners
Aron Bunch 2B
CurVontae Bryant 2B
Tyson Trumpower 3B
Leading hitters Athletics
Dusty Foskett HR
Liam Lyle 3B

Mite league
Attorney Robert Pirkle 1, Coastal Courier 2
Leading hitters Pirkle
Christopher Hall 1B
Jimmy Richardson 2B
Leading hitters Courier
Cameron Stacey 1B
Vincent Brunelli 2B

Rotary 2, Coastal Oral Surgery 9
Leading hitters Rotary
Brandon Soliben 1B
Reid Goode 1B
David Adams 1B
Leading hitters Coastal Oral
Hunter Miller 1B, 1B
Cameron Stoyle 1B
Christopher Grant HR, 2B
Amir Little 1B

Neely Tile 8, Georgia Power 7
Leading hitters Neely tile
Christian Ruff 3B
Elvis Mack 3B
Ryan Desbiens 3B
Leading hitters Georgia Power
Roberto Rivera 1B

Senior girls softball
Redbirds 6, Reds 8
Leading hitters Redbirds
Savannah Fincham 2B
Tiara Howard 1B, 3B
Leading hitters Reds
Ashley Laboy 1B
Nicole Will (no stats)
Pitching for the Redbirds was Rachael Ray for 4.
Pitching for the Reds was Jordan Struble for the win in 4.

Belles 4, Long County 12
Leading hitters Belles
Charlee Coursey 3B, 1B
Cindy Bate 2B
Pitching for the Belles was Morgan Crowley taking the loss and pitching 4, Taylor Anderson for 1.

JOJ 3, McDonalds 9
Leading hitters JOJ
Hamilton Pirkle 1-2, 2B
Brandon Bell 1-1, 1B
Dylan Barwick 1-2, 1B
Leading hitters McDonalds
Demetric Jernigan 2-2, HR 3B
Enrique Espada 1-1, 3B
Curtis Michalowicz 1-1, 2B
Damien Southwell 1B
Pitching for JOJ was Hamilton Pirkle for 3 and Jannick Brown for 2.
Pitching for McDonalds was Curtis Michalowicz for 4 and Steven Wells for 1.  

May 7
Neely Tile 9, Coastal Courier 3
Leading hitters Neely
Brian Garcia 2B
Ryan Wells 2B
Christian Ruff (2) 1B
Leading hitters Courier
Duane Johnson 1B

Rotary Club 9, First Citizens Bank 1
Leading hitters Rotary
Christian White (2) 3B
Noah Supnet 2B
Martial Washington HR
Leading hitters FCB
Jacob Bailey 2B

Pee Wee league
Cardinals 17, Rockies 3
Leading hitters Cardinals
Cleveland Dargan HR
Andrew Swindell HR
Keone Haynes HR
James Precourt HR
Henry Blair HR
Leading hitters Rockies
Skylar Bailey HR
Gunnar Coonrod 2B

Expos 9, Phillies 14
Leading hitters Expos
Adonis Slee 3B
Noah Himes 2B
Leading hitters Phillies
Spencer Jones 92) HR
Hunter Hawkins HR
Raekwon Johnson 3B

McDonalds 12, Hinesville Lodge 9
Leading hitters McDonalds
Demetric Jernigan 1-1
Timothy Woodard 1-2
Andrew Martin 3-3
Enrique Espada 1-2, 2B
Leading hitters Hinesville Lodge
Dutsin Hawkins 3-3 2B
Adam Corwin 2-2
Devon Ray 1-1, 2B
Garrett McCorkle 1-1
Pitching for McDonalds was Andrew Martin for 2 and Curtis Michalowicz for 3.
Pitching for Hinesville Lodge was Antonio Smith for 3 and Adam Corwin for 2.

Girls junior softball league
Redbirds 10, Long County 4
Leading hitters Redbirds
Tiara Howard 1-2, 1B
Lauren Butler 1-2, 1B, RBI
Jasmine Gilmore 1-2, 2B
Karolyn Calderon 2-2, 1B, 1B

Wildcats 6, Ravens 7
Leading hitters Wildcats
Camisha Lewis 1-2, HR
Kassey Sellers 1-2, 1B
Leading hitters Ravens
Brittany Morris 1-2, 1B
Taylor Reese 1-2, 1B
Pitching for the Wildcats was Brittany Desbiens for 3 and Catherine Scaggs for 1.
Pitching for the Ravens was Karson Rogers for 4.
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