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LCRD football playoffs, championship
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Nov. 3
Redskins 0, Cowboys 6

Denzale Bratcher started the scoring drive for the Cowboys with a two-yard run in the first quarter. Gregory Roman added six more points in the second quarter with a three-yard run making it 12-0. Bratcher converted on a two-point attempt making it 14-0 before the half. The final score came from a three-yard pass where Herbert Roberts connected with Juan Moye making the final score 20-0.

Falcons 0, Chargers 20
Both teams were held scoreless in the first quarter. Maurice Davis-Crite scored six on a 12-yard run in the second half to give the Chargers the lead. JaQuonte Haggary ran an impressive 57-yards for a touchdown and converted the two-point attempt giving the Chargers a 14-0 lead in the third quarter. He followed that scoring drive with a 35-yard touchdown making the final score 20-0 in favor of the Chargers.

Cowboys 12, Packers 15
The first quarter was scoreless then Denzale Bratcher ran for a 37-yard touchdown in the second quarter. The Packers’ Jeremiah Bacon followed with a two-yard run tying the score at 6-6. Jerome Grant made the point after attempt edging the Packers ahead by one point. Neither team scored until the fourth quarter when Bratcher ran in a seven-yard touchdown for the Cowboys. Again Bacon answered for the Packers with a three-yard run and Grant converted a two-point attempt making the final score 12-15 in favor of the chargers.

Nov. 7
Chargers 6, Vikings 21

Jermaine Kyle opened up the scoring in the second quarter with a 52-yard run. Alexander Demmings converted the point after attempt and the Viking jumped out in the lead with a score of 7-0. Kyle dominated the field with another 57-yard run for a touchdown and Derrick Brooks completed the point after conversion giving the Vikings a solid 14-0 lead. The Chargers were held scoreless until the fourth quarter when JaQuonte Haggray ran in a touchdown from 55-yards. However the Vikings’ Kyle had a 77-yard run and Brooks converted the point after. The final score was Chargers 6, Vikings 21.

Championship game
Nov. 14
Packers 12, Vikings 25

Jermaine Kyle started the scoring drive for the Vikings with a 43-yard run. Later in the second quarter he had another 47-yard run and Alexander Demmings converted the point after and the Viking had a 13-0 lead. Kyle added six more points with a 37-yard run to end the half at 19-0 for the Vikings. In the third quarter Jerome Grant gave the Packers six points with a four-yard run. Grant added another six with a three-yard run in the fourth quarter making it a 12-19 game. But the Vikings’ Kyle ran in a 32-yard touchdown giving the Vikings the win with a score of 25-12.
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