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LCRD softball and baseball scores
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Editors note: These are the last of the regular season scores. Starting today we will print playoff results with photos as space provides in each edition.

May 21
Junior softball league
Belles 11, Red Birds 12
Ravens 15, Wildcats 5

Mite baseball league
Georgia Power vs. First Citizens Bank (no score reported)
American Legion vs. Neely Tile (no score reported)

May 22
Mite softball league
Dryden Enterprise 4, Sanitary plumbing 14
Special Effects 4, Coastal Communications 14
Woodard and Sons 8, Dee's Electric 16

Pee Wee baseball league
Phillies 3, Braves 13
Dodgers 15, Athletics 10

Junior softball league
Belles 4, Long County 8
Reds 10, Red Birds 1

Mite baseball league
Coastal Courier vs. Lion's Club (no score reported)
Coastal Oral Surgery vs. Attorney Robert Pirkle (no score reported)
Interstate Paper vs. Rotary Club (no score reported)

May 27
Pee Wee baseball league
Rockies 0, Braves 8
Dodgers 16, Phillies 9

Midget softball league
Cosmopolitan Club 5, TR Long 4
Lamar Homebuilders 13, Ratcliffe and Smith 6

Mite softball league
Dee's Electric 7, Coastal Communications 2
Woodard and Sons 7, Sanitary Plumbing 5
Special Effects 10, Woodmen of the World 5

Junior softball league
Reds 10, Wildcats 6
Belles 9, Ravens 10

Mite baseball league
Rotary Club vs. Attorney Robert Pirkle (no score reported)
Coastal Courier vs. Georgia Power (no score reported)
Coastal Oral Surgery vs. Neely tile (no score reported)

Midget baseball league
Hinesville Police Dept. 11, Nacon 8
Sign Concepts 4, VFW 3

May 28
Pee Wee baseball league
Expos 8, Athletics 4
Rockies 2, Phillies 3
Cardinals 10, Mariners 1

Mite baseball league
Interstate Paper 8, Lion's Club 5
First Citizens Bank vs. American Legion (no score reported)

Midget baseball league
Kiwanis Club 6, Hinesville

Builders Supply 4

Midget softball league
Martin Insurance 9, TR Long 11
Ratcliffe and Smith vs. A&G Construction (no score reported)

Junior softball league
Long County 7, Ravens 8
Wildcats 9, Red Birds 11

Pee Wee softball league
Long County 0, Tigers 7
Panthers 5, Eagles 6

Junior softball league
Long County 11, Red Birds 4
Reds vs. Belles (no score reported)

Senior softball league
Diamonds 6, Heartbreakers 11

May 29
Pee Wee Baseball league
Expos 2, Dodgers 10
Cardinals 5, Braves 1
Mariners 11, Athletics (no score reported).

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