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LCRD Tigers, Red Birds are on top
Charlee Coursey prepares to swing for the Belles in Wednesday’s junior girls’ softball game against the Red Birds. - photo by By Patty Leon / Coastal Courier
Tigers 7, Eagles 3
The bats stood as tall as the players and the helmets seemed more like weights than safety devices as the smaller players took the field. Despite their size, these young girls came to play, running the bases like pros and swinging the bat for hits.
The Tigers took an early lead against the Eagles and were ahead 6-2 by the 4th inning. The Eagles were able to add another run, but the Tigers topped it with a run of their own, managing a 7-3 victory amid the cries of cheering parents and the occasional sob of a tearful player.
“They are young,” Eagles coach Ginger Gordon said. “It’s all about the fundamentals of ball and developing their skills. It’s also about sportsmanship.”
The Eagles currently are in third place, according to Gordon, who said her goal is to get them ready for the next level.
“Our girls do well and what I want is for them to learn how to develop the entire play,” she said. “I’m hoping they will learn to attempt to throw kids out and finish the play instead of getting used to just holding their hands up and calling time. It’s preparing them for the next level. We’ve been working on our hitting and we are teaching them how and when to run after the hit.”
The Tigers currently are undefeated, according to Tiger coach Tammy Winn.
“I’m proud of every single one,” she said. “From practice to the game they play their hearts out.”
Winn said that right now, it’s all about the skills.
“I don’t care if we win or lose as long as they learn the skills,” she said. “We want them to learn the skills of hitting, running and catching and how to throw the ball the correct way so as they get older, they can progress in their skills. Right now it’s the basics and learning the skills for later.”

Red Birds 12, Belles 11
Just across from the Pee Wee game, a slugfest developed in the 4th inning when the Red Birds faced off against the Belles. The Belles began the top of the 4th with a 4-3 lead and quickly added 3 more runs. The Red Bird opened the bottom of the 4th and shortened the Belles’ lead to 2 runs.
The Birds continued their rally and with 2 outs, added 3 runs to take an 8-7 lead.
The Belles tied the game to start the fifth inning. They scored 3 more runs and took the lead again, 11-8. The Red Birds converted a double play and threw out a runner to earn their last chance at bat.
Red Birds pitcher Rachel Ray narrowed the Belles’ lead to 1 when she slugged in two runners.
With 2 outs and the bases loaded, the Belles’ pitcher walked in a run, and the next Red Bird batter brought home a runner for the 12-11 win.
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