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LCRD Volleyball season winners announced
Midget league runners up, the Brats - photo by Photo provided.

Junior League champs

Junior League Heartbreakerz, 1st place winners: Assistant coach Uli Lindsey, Leitia Leiataua, Kristen Velez, Breanna Lindsey, Kymberly Beasley, Makenzie Everson, Jazmynn Payton and head coach Tia Leiataua

LCRD Junior League
season runners up

Junior League Chaos, runners up: Heather Rugo, Luis Colon, Brandi Alvin, Coach Thomas, Chrishaunda Paige, Steven Hartmen, Barbara Rego, Shikira Lee and coach Rego


LCRD volleyball season champions

Midget League Stingers, 1st place winners: Heidi Fuata, Renee Velez, Head coach Uli Lindsey, Alleyah M. Portley, Jarvis Payton, Destiny Sanchez, Jasmine Brooks, Marc and Marcus Rommel and assistant coach Tia Leiataua.


LCRD midget league season runners up


Midget League Brats, runners up: Alize’ Braxton, Alesia Harmon, Payton Woodworth, Coach Monroe, Jakima Wilson, Jaide B. Harvey, Jair Brown, Jeriesha Brown, Kayla Dargan and coach Erica Asble

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