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Georgia Canes blow through Hinesville, 39-8
Hinesville Hurricane Devon Gray (27) scores on a 6-yard run late in the second quarter, but the home team came up short, 39-8 on Saturday. - photo by Photo by John Wood

In the battle of the Hurricanes Saturday night at Long Bell Stadium, the Georgia Hurricanes blew through Hinesville, 39-8.
Traveling from metro Atlanta, the Georgia Hurricanes boasted a roster of 60 players. The Georgia ‘Canes currently are 6-0 in the United States Spring Football League.
“They had a lot of depth,” Hinesville Hurricanes coach James Sharp said. “We haven’t had as many players as we have in the past so we have some players playing out of normal positions.”
Hinesville lost the toss and kicked off. Working out of spread formation, the Georgia ‘Canes looked like they would take an early lead after a 60-yard touchdown strike down the middle, but it was called back after a penalty.
The opening quarter was filled with flags for both sides, and Hinesville used the penalties to its advantage.
Despite the size disadvantage, Hinesville was able to move the ball on the ground against Georgia.
“We have had a lot of injuries that we have been dealing with but tonight they just outplayed us,” Sharp said.
Georgia struck first, scoring on a long run and added two more touchdowns in the first half to go up, 21-0.

Hinesville’s Devon Gray scored on a 6-yard run late in the second quarter to cut the lead.
But Georgia continued to score at will in the second half.
“Even though we lost, we still played a good game against a good team. We never gave up and this team doesn’t,” Sharpe said. “We play through whatever situation we face.”
Hinesville falls to 4-2 on the season. The Hurricanes’ next home game is against the CSSR Pirates on April 21 in Long Bell Stadium.

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