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Getting the right placement on tee markers
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Q:  Jackson and Arnie are playing the par-3 eighth hole at the Country Club of Golf. It is Jackson’s turn to hit, and he notices that the flagstick is on the extreme right side of the hole near the water hazard. He also notices that a tree guards the right edge of the green. He tees his ball 1 foot inside the left tee marker and proceeds to take his stance on the other side of the marker.
Arnie says, “Wait a minute — you can’t stand outside the tee marker when you hit your ball.”
He further states that the tee box is defined by the two tee markers, and that a golfer can tee their ball up to two club lengths behind the markers. Is Arnie correct?
A:  Arnie has correctly defined the limits of the tee box, but he is incorrect by telling Jackson that he has to stand within those limits. You have to tee your ball within the limits of the tee box, but you can stand outside those limits.  
Tip of the day: Jackson usually hits a hook and he was worried about hitting the tree. By teeing his ball as far to the left as allowed, he reduced his chances of hitting the tree and going into the water.  
As always, have fun playing and practicing the game of golf. Email me at with questions.

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