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Part of hazard is also an obstruction in the game of golf
Graham Lewis - photo by Photo provided.

Question: Ron and Jerry are playing the par 5, 18th hole at Sapelo Hammock. Ron tries to hit his second shot over the marsh and, hopefully, on the green.
His ball comes to rest on the bridge over the marsh. He tells Jerry that rather than take a drop and a one-stroke penalty, he is going to hit his third shot from the bridge.
Jerry says, “This I have to see, but be sure not to ground your club or touch the bridge before you swing.”
Is Jerry correct?
Answer: Jerry means well, but he is not correct.
Although the bridge is considered a part of the hazard, it also is an obstruction, and Ron may touch the bridge with his club at address or in the backward movement of his stroke. He also may touch the bridge prior to address.
Ron hits a great third shot and makes birdie on the hole.
Tip of the day: Sometimes it pays to try to hit a shot like Ron did. It is fun and exciting to try and if it works, you will always remember it. I am sure Jerry will tell everyone in the pro shop and the bar. Even if it does not work, you tried.

As always, have fun playing and practicing the game of golf and come and join us every Monday and Wednesday in our Sapelo Hammock continuous learning sessions. E-mail me at with your questions and ideas.

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