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SAS eighth-grade team finishes 2nd in Jacksonville
Scotts All*Stars eighth-grade boys basketball team finished second at a recent tournament in Jacksonville. - photo by Photo provided.

Scott’s All*Stars eight-grade boys’ basketball team finished second last weekend at a tournament in Jacksonville.
The eighth-grade team, now 10-2 on the season, will compete this weekend at a tournament in Orlando.
The program’s fifth-, seventh- and ninth-grade teams also participated in the Jacksonville tournament as “an opportunity for the coaches to see what areas they needed to work on during the season,” All*Stars founder Marcus Scott IV said.

Eighth-grade results
SAS 62, St. John Celtics 35
SAS scoring — Daquan Humphreys 13, William Richardson 12, Marcus Scott V 10, Jalen Jackson , Henry Blair 6, Josh Washington 6, Russell Dandy 3, Terry Smith 2, Zack Moser 2.
SAS 79,
Kingdom Knight 53
SAS scoring — Marcus Scott V 22, William Richardson 22, Daquan Humphreys 15, Henry Blair 8, Jalen Jackson 3, Terry Smith 3, Keshawn Robinson 2, Russell Dandy 2, Zack Moser 2.

SAS 80,
Ga Coastal Ballers 50
SAS scoring — Marcus Scott V 28, William Richardson 17, Jalen Jackson 15, Daquan Humphreys 6, Josh Washington 4, Terry Smith 4, Russell Dandy 3, Zack Moser 2, Horace Broadnax 1.

East Coast Soldiers 62, SAS 58
SAS scoring — William Richardson 24, Jalen Jackson 12, Daquan Humphreys 11, Marcus Scott V 7, Horace Broadnax 4.

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