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Long County team has near perfect season
Lamar Homebuilder’s head coach, Lamar Poole (in center of girls) and assistant coach Tracey Hulvey give their players a last minute pep talk before the start of the fifth inning in Thursday’s disappointing loss to the Cosmopolitan Club. It was the Homebuilders first and only loss this season. - photo by By Patty Leon / Coastal Courier
This season, the Long County Recreation Department had only two teams for the midget league, meaning every game they played was an away game against one of the several Liberty County Recreation Department teams.
Usually, playing all your games on the road is difficult, but for the Lamar Homebuilders of Long County the long and winding road was paved with nothing but victories.
The girls went undefeated until their last game of the season against LCRD’s Cosmopolitan Club. It was a game the Homebuilders had to try to come from behind in the final inning, a task they did once before.
“We had one other game this year where we had to come back when we were behind,” head coach Lamar Poole said. “And we did put it out with our last at bat but this time they had to play from behind and they didn’t get the hits we needed.”
Poole believes that being on the road constantly is not a factor in the outcome of a game saying.
“If they love the game they are going to play it,” he said.
Through laughter he called the loss to the Cosmopolitan Club devastating as it ended the near perfect run, but added he was proud of how his girls played all season. Many of his girls will now go on to play for the All-Stars in June and most will be back next season.
“We have the youngest girls out of our county playing on this team,” he said. “We have one girl that moves up next year and the rest will stay and play for us next year.”
“It was our first one,” assistant coach Tracey Hulvey said of the loss. “That’s pretty hard. These girls (Cosmo Club) played hard and they have some good teams at the LCRD in Hinesville. You play a bunch of teams a bunch of times and they can get your strategies. It paid off for them.”
Hulvey said the Cosmo team had a well-pitched game and his girls did not hit the ball the way they normally do.
“Our girls played excellent this season,” he added. “They are strong and most of them are on the All-Star team. They are a good ball team and I’m proud of each and every one of them.”
The All-Star team will play in Lyons June 17.  

Lamar Homebuilders batting lineup
Tayler Poole, Samantha Garcia, Ciara Sanders, Kaelynn Stewart, Ashley White, Allison Moody, Brittney Smiley, Morgan Ray, Taylor Dinkins, Tanner Dunham, Audrey Hulvey, Teresa Chihuahua, Alejandra Chihuahua. Coaches are Lamar Poole and Tracey Hulvey.

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