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Scotts All*Stars players, coaches get their rings
From left, All-Stars Jaylen Jackson, Daquan Humphreys, Marcus Scott V and Marcus Scott IV received their basketball rings during a ceremony at Jenkins High School in Savannah on May 30.

Scott’s All*Stars’ freshman players and coaches received their championship rings for winning the 5A and 3A championships May 30 during a ceremony held at Jenkins High.
Daqaun Humphreys and Jaylen Jackson won the championship as the only freshmen on the varsity team for Brunswick High. Jackson was primarily the backup point guard for Brunswick while getting major minutes as a freshman. Marcus Scott V won a championship with Jenkins High and was primarily the only freshmen with a major role on varsity, leading freshmen at Jenkins in varsity games played, points, minutes, assist and steals. Humphreys was the only one to actually play in the championship game, although all three players played in the playoffs.
Marcus Scott IV also received a ring for his role as assistant principal and assistant coach during the summer-varsity program at Jenkins High.
The Scott’s All*Stars program, which began in 2010, is in its sixth year.
“It’s no coincidence that the three players that have played for the program the longest are the three freshmen that played varsity and contributed to a state championship for two different teams,” said coach Scott. “I think this is major for a program. It’s great to see my vision from six years ago come to light. I knew if these kids stayed together they would be state champions by the time they left high school. It is an amazing feat for it to happen their freshman year. Now their goal is to become the starters on their varsity team. Although I expected them to be starters this year, when you have seniors that are all-tournament on a state-championship team, I can understand and appreciate the level of competition they faced in practice. The fact that they were the three top freshmen on a state championship team speaks volumes for Scott’s All*Stars program.” 

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