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Shutout opens Tigers regional play
Tigers rock Beach Bulldogs
A Bradwell runner struggles to get free of a Beach player. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
The Tigers came out and proved the big cats are better and stronger than some ole’ Bulldog with a shut out 28-0 victory over Beach in their first regional game.
In their opening offensive drive, the Tigers handed the ball to Kintura Kyle and Sheldon Barnes who kept breaking through tackles and finding the hole for positive yardage. The Bulldogs were then penalized for being offside, bringing the ball even closer to the end zone. It was Barnes’ clearing a path for the Tigers’ first touchdown of the evening and the point after by Joey Lliso that gave the Tigers a 7-0 lead.
Senior quarterback Josh Magaw connected with Ronald Joseph in the second quarter. Joseph brought the ball down to the 17-yard line, but a false-start penalty moved the Tigers back an additional five yards. Demario Day took the handoff on the next play bringing the ball back to the 17-yard line. Day then carried the ball to the seventh yard line and the three-yard line. It was a fourth down scenario for the Tigers, but they went for it with Day breaking through the center of the pack and scoring the second touchdown and a 14-0 lead for the Tigers with 5:46 still left before the half.
The Bulldogs offensively struggled with the passes and the handoffs; two snaps were fumbled and recovered by the Tigers who were able to capitalize on their opponent’s errors.
The running game for the Tigers was primarily, Barnes, Day, Kyle and Magaw with several quarterback keepers.  
Magaw connected with Demario Day who took the ball to the 22-yard line but a penalty for illegal use of the hands was called against the Tigers, bringing the ball back 10 yards. Magaw then connected with Joseph but the officials said the catch was out of bounds when he came down with the ball at the 10 -yard line. With one minute before the end of the half, Barnes broke through the tackles giving the Tigers a first down at the 16-yard line. Magaw ran the next play for three yards. Magaw passed to Manuel Crum who was well defended, bringing them to a third down. An incomplete pass to Day and a penalty on the next play forced the Tigers to try for a field goal on fourth down. Lliso came in for the kick but it was short and the Bulldogs took over on downs deep in their own territory and not much time left before the half.
The Bulldogs’ quarterback, George Grant, fumbled the hand off to his running back and Keddrick Brown recovered the ball for the Tigers driving into the end zone and giving Bradwell a 21-0 lead with 11 seconds left in the half.
David Miller kicked the ball and a Bulldog player touched the ball, but he was not able to hang on to it. Immediately, the Tigers’, Terrance Jemison jumped on the ball and, with eight seconds left before the half, it was once again Tiger football. Magaw then attempted to passes in the end zone but they were incomplete to end the half.
At the start of the third quarter, Magaw fumbled the ball and the Bulldogs recovered. With a new quarterback at the helm, the Bulldogs attempted to open up the passing game but once again were forced to punt the ball and the Tigers took over inside their own 16-yard line. Barnes carried the ball on the next two plays and then Magaw connected with Crum who took the ball across the 50 and was brought down at the 46-yard line. But, the Bulldog defense stood their ground and forced the Tigers to punt it away.
However, the Bulldogs were forced to punt and the ball barely went 10 yards on a high but short kick. The Tigers took over with the ball inside the Bulldogs’ 33-yard line. Day carried the ball for five yards and then ran for a first down coming within field goal range. Day took the ball to the outside bringing them to the 19-yard line.
Magaw threw a pass to Curtis Bryant in the end zone but it was caught out of bounds. The Tigers were then called for unsportsman like conduct, pinning them back and eventually faced a fourth and long. Magaw then connected with Joseph but it was short of the first down and the Bulldogs took over on their own 17-yard line. Once again, the Bulldogs were unable to move the ball and the Tigers took over offensively. Terrance Jemison had two carries but was brought down short of the end zone, ending the third quarter.
Later in the fourth, Magaw threw a pass to Crum in the end zone but it was incomplete, deflected by a Beach Bulldog. The Bulldogs’ pass was intercepted by Crum who returned the ball to the 18-yard line. It would be Magaw, with a quarterback keeper, who would eventually take the ball in for the final touchdown of the evening.
The Bulldogs only had one possible scoring opportunity when the Tigers were forced to punt. Magaw received a high snap sending the ball over his head and deep into Tiger territory. But Magaw kept his head in the game, recovered the bad snap and was able to get the punt off the ground.
During the last portion of the fourth quarter, Day took over as quarterback and Marques Wallace came into the game for some carries, giving Magaw, Barnes and some of the other starters rest and stay healthy for next week.
In a pre-game interview with coach Robert Evans, he said his defense was strong enough to hold the Bulldogs scoreless and that is exactly what they did as the whistle blew to end the game with the Tigers on top, 28-0.
Leading the defense was Darvean Herron, Keddrick Brown Jeremiah James, Dave Swinford, Terry Murdaugh, Terrance Jemison and Bryant.
Bradwell travels to Jenkins for the second regional game next Friday. Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m.
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