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Thornton dismissed from team
Sports Illustrated and the Associated Press are both reporting that former Liberty County High School running back, Shadrach Thornton has been dismissed from the North Carolina State University football team.

Former Liberty County High School running back Shadrach Thornton has been dismissed from the North Carolina State University football team, according to both Sports Illustrated and the Associated Press.

Thornton, a senior running back for the Wolfpack, was reportedly arrested Tuesday and charged with failure to stop and provide aid, as well as failure to provide information, after his moped collided with a pedestrian near campus around 9:30 p.m. The reports allege that Thornton was riding his moped on the sidewalk, which he was also cited for.

A report on ESPN says the pedestrian suffered facial cuts that required stitches.
Wednesday, the AP reported Wolfpack head coach Dave Doeren had dismissed the three time leading rusher from the team.
Thornton’s attorney, Lee Turner, has told various media outlets that Thornton did talk to the man before leaving the scene and has cooperated with officers throughout the investigation.

After his arrest Thornton posted bond and returned to his apartment.

Thornton has had legal issues throughout his career at N.C. State.
The most recent of which are pending charges of operating a moped without a helmet and speeding in a separate scooter incident.

In the summer of 2013, he was charged with assault after witnesses alleged he and his girlfriend had a fight in a campus library. Thornton was given a deferred prosecution ruling in that case and missed a single game that year.

He was suspended for the first two games this year for violating team rules, although officials did not specify what led to that punishment.
Thornton was also cited twice – in December 2013 and again in March 2014 – for possession of marijuana. In each instance, charges were voluntarily dismissed.

Friday morning, news agencies released a statement they received from Thornton.

“I would like to start off with an apology; it was never my intention to bring disgrace to this community, university or the staff. I am elated at the opportunities that I’ve had here at the University, and I deeply apologize for the position that I’ve put you in.

“Throughout my time here at NC State, I haven’t always made the best decisions, but from those decisions I have learned unteachable lessons. The lessons we learn while getting knocked down are the ones that stick with us when we get back up.

“I can’t express in words the passion that I have for my Pack family. I will be humbly cheering from the stands as the team continues to do the unthinkable. I will continue to train my mind body and soul as I prepare for the 2016 draft.

“I assure you all that the lessons I’ve learned here at NC State will stay with me always. I am a man of faith and I believe that everything happens in God’s plan. It is never my place to question him, but only to accept that which is given. I will do my absolute best to assure that you, future coaches and fans, receive the best Shadrach Thornton possible.

“In closing, I’m apologetic for that which has occurred. I’m thankful for that which I have learned. And I am joyful for whatever God has to come.

“Be blessed.”

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