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Tigers lose to Colquitt County in double overtime
David Miller (in blue) hits the air for the head butt in the Tigers battle against Colquitt County in the first round of soccer playoffs held Tuesday at Olvey Field. The game went into double overtime before Colquitt hit a goal for the win. - photo by By Patty Leon / Coastal Courier
The Bradwell Tigers soccer team took the field at home Tuesday night to host the first round of playoffs against the Colquitt County Packers.
After the 2 halves ended the scoreboard still displayed a double goose egg, forcing the first of what amounted to a double overtime 90-minute game. As fatigue set in the Tigers battled the Packers and with 1:28 left on the clock, the Packers tapped the ball sending it just behind the goalkeeper.
The Packers move on to round 2 with the 0-1 victory over the Tigers.
Despite the loss, Tiger coach Greg Cooke was pleased because his players gave 100 percent in the game that he said was evenly matched and fair.
“You know you go 11-3 in the season and you play a region 1 team in the first round and you know it was going to be a tough game,” he said. “We were both evenly matched teams. Fatigue sets in, but anybody that was watching saw a fair match. They had as many opportunities as we had and neither of us was able to put it away. Both keepers made great saves. In the last minute they made a good goal. We kind of drop off for a second and they scored. All in all we can’t complain about the season, we can’t complain about making it to the playoffs.”
“We are excited,” Colquitt County coach Robert Craft said. “Any time you win it’s always good and especially against a good team and an overtime game. It was a good game between two teams who play similar. It’s the first time we played the Tigers in soccer. All guys may have been a little fatigued. The Tigers subbed more than we did but for 90 minutes it’s tough to stay mentally and physically in it and I’m sure both side were starting to wear down a bit.”
Cooke had nothing but praise for Colquitt and for his players who performed well all season.
“We lose a couple of seniors this season but we still have a young team and next year we will come back out and do it again,” Cooke said. “I can’t emphasize how proud I am of them for the work they have done and the effort they put forth.
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