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Tigers neutralize Atomsmashers
Mike McGirt
Mike McGirt
The Tigers donned on their chemical suits and neutralized the Johnson Atomsmashers in a spectacular 56-6 victory in Savannah on Saturday night.
Putting up 352 rushing yards and 35 passing yards, it is no wonder that by half time the Tigers had a 49-6 lead.
Running back Sheldon Barnes had 86 yards rushing, 21-yards passing and was responsible for five of the eight touchdowns in Saturday’s performance. While Barnes put up the most points, it was Mike McGirt setting the rushing standard with 202 yards in 11 carries.
Quarterback Josh Magaw, Donald Tillis and McGirt made the other three touchdowns for the Tigers. Offensively, the Tigers had 14 first downs and, defensively, the Tigers were like a chemistry experiment in hyper acceleration.
But the win doesn’t necessarily mean the Tigers can bask in the glory. They have some tough opponents still ahead.
“We still need to come out here and work,” head coach Jim Walsh said. “There are still two more games and then we play Camden County. We lost one player to an injury in practice so there are adjustments to be made and other players that need to step up and fill that gap.”
Currently, the Tigers are 3-4 overall but more importantly they are 3-1 in their 3-AAAAA region.
If the Tigers continue to work on the fundamentals, they should prevail over their next two opponents in Groves and Savannah High. But, the coaches know that each opponent is capable of a win if the Tiger players take their work for granted and don’t prepare.
“It doesn’t matter who the team is, if you don’t get ready for the match and you start to struggle you always end up in a dog fight,” Walsh said. “If you execute, you win. There are four teams fighting for playoff contention, so there is still a lot of football yet to play this season.”

Tigers to date
Aug. 31: Tigers lose to Glynn Academy 0-7
Sept. 7: Tigers lose to Griffin 14-24
Sept. 14: Tigers lose to Coffee 14-33
Sept. 28: Tigers defeat Beach 28-0*
Oct. 5: Tigers lose to Jenkins 0-17*
Oct. 12: Tigers defeat Windsor Forest 31-13*
Oct. 20: Tigers defeat Johnson 56-6*

Next on the schedule
Oct. 26: Tigers host Groves (currently 2-7 overall, 2-2 in region)*
Nov. 2: Tigers at Savannah (currently 0-6 overall, 0-4 in region)*
Nov. 9: Tigers at Camden County (currently 6-1 overall, 4-0 in region)*
*regional opponent
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