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Tigers terrorize Glynn Academy
Brandon Hayes (with ball) looks inside to Jarvis Wadsworth as he pushes past a Glynn County defender. Tiger coach David Jones was pleased with his team’s passing abilities in the last two games.
After regional victories against Windsor Forest on Jan. 4, the Tigers hit the home court the next day, facing non-regional Glynn County Academy.
The Men Tigers took the opportunity to add another win notch to their belts. And the Lady Tigers avenged one of their worst losses this season. For both it is the beginning of the long road to regional and state.

Lady Tigers 65, Lady Terrors 59
The last time the Lady Tigers faced the Lady Terrors in Glynn on Dec. 15, the Tigers were struck with one of their worst losses to date. The Terrors defeated them by 20-points. The point spread was not as wide on Jan. 5, but the Lady Tigers were satisfied when the buzzer rang in victory.
“It was a really sweet revenge,” Lady Tiger head coach Faye Baker said. “We talked before the game about this game not having any meaning because it was not a region game, but it had a meaning for us because of the way they beat us the first time. We knew then they were not a 20-point better team than us. It let us know we could bounce back. We talked about having heart and having pride and playing on our home court. We wanted to show them we could compete with them and we did.”
“This win was very important,” assistant coach Dana King added. “They beat us so bad the last time we played them that we had to reach down deep and see where our hearts were at. We’ve been on them all week about bringing their hearts into the game and they showed their heart.”
King said that the game against Windsor Forest the previous evening prepared the Lady Tigers’ for their rematch against Glynn.
“The win against Windsor Forest was equally important because that was a region game,” he said. “But this is the game we circled on our calendar so we could avenge our last loss.
“We start region games now and this will hopefully lead the way to the way we play those games,” he said.
Glynn Academy Lady Terror head coach Theresa Adams said her team struggled because of a hard-fought regional game the night before.
“We had to play our rival team (Brunswick) in a tough battle so we were a little hindered,” Adams said. “We concentrated most of our efforts to get that region win and we played the Tigers in spurts. And the thing is you have to play a team like Bradwell the entire game. We just could never get it together and when you are playing Bradwell you got to give it your best game,” she said.
Baker said she feels her team is improving, citing the last two games as examples.   
“Offensively we are doing a better job and we are being more aggressive,” she said. “I thought we played with a lot of energy. We did not come out flat. I was glad to see that. I think we are in better shape than we were earlier in the season.”
Baker said she is still concerned with turnovers. In the game against Glynn the Lady Tigers turned the ball over 28 times. The coach said wins will be hard against other teams unless they bring their turnover ratio down.
Asked if there was another team she was seeking revenge upon Baker said, “There are some teams that we have not played yet for the first time but if we were to circle the next revenge game on our calendar it would be Groves who gave us our only region loss to date. But we are not looking ahead to them yet. We have our next regional game against Savannah High so we only want to look as far as our next game.”

Tigers 45, Terrors 36
After expressing some disappointment in the way his Tigers played in Atlanta, head coach David Jones said the team has turned things around with back-to-back-victories against region opponent Windsor Forest and non-region Glynn Academy.
“We had another great team effort and played superb team ball against Windsor Forest last Friday,” he said. “Robert Sims did a superb job running the point guard. Jordan Johnson had a good offensive night and Jarvis Wadsworth had a good all-around game. He did a good job at the board and had several assists also. He led our rebounds and Robert and Jarvis led us in assists.”
Jones said Windsor Forest had a good ball club and played well. He said he was impressed with Sims’ abilities to read the four to five different defenses the Knights used against the Tigers.
“Robert recognized every one of them and he led us in the right direction,” the coach said. “It was a team effort for sure.”
Jones discussed the direction of the team in a meeting and practice after they returned from Atlanta, and hopes his squad would regain composure and concentrate on the season ahead.
“We talked about what it took for us to be a good team and we feel that we have a fair shot of going to state,” he said. “But it’s not going to be an easy route. There are no easy games in our region.
“I kind of refer to our team as a blue-collar team. In other words, from the very start at the jump ball we have to play hardball for 32 minutes. We have to select our shots and we have to play hardball. Sometimes you get beat even when you are playing the very best you can but at least we are going to give it our best. When they play hard and play together they are a joy to watch.”
Jones said he was satisfied with the win over Glynn and was happy to have that game behind him. He now sets his sights on regional opponent Savannah High.
“I don’t think anybody can control Savannah High,” he said. “We know we have to go out there and play with 100 percent effort. We know they are going to come out and play us the same way. I don’t think they’ve lost more than three games in their new court and they don’t lose many, period, particularly at home. They are going to press hard and they have some of the top guards in the area. I think that the team that controls the board is going to be the turning point of the game.”

The Tigers faced Savannah High in Savannah Tuesday evening. The results will be in Friday’s Courier.
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