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Liberty EMA talks about Hurricane Dorian
EMA briefing from Wednesday Sept. 4 prior to landfall

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Liberty County Hurricane Dorian September 4 Update

By Kayla Gamble and video by Lewis Levine

There are currently no changes in previously established watches and warnings, according to the National Weather Service. Storm surge inundations continue to be an issue for coastal counties. Areas East of I-95 may experience wind and rainfall flooding. The strongest outcomes of the storm will come later this evening on through later Thursday evening. Small wobbles or drifts closer to the coast are still possible according to the National Weather Service which could result in stronger outcomes further inland.

Officials warn against focusing on the forecast track as conditions can always change, skewing the information.

As always, possible power outages, tree damage and structural damage is possible, the likelihood increasing East of I-95. High tides and some power outages have already been reported and are expected to rise. Winds are expected to pick up to 58-75 mph. Isolated tornadoes are possible.

There will be an increase in patrol in the area as well as road checks, though there are currently no road closures in effect. Despite there not being an official curfew in place in Liberty and Long County, officials warn against going outside, especially later this afternoon. Officials also recommend having your ID on your person just in case.