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Best things: Favorite leisure activities
Kenny Smiley - photo by Photo provided.
Kenny Smiley, Liberty County Chamber of Commerce executive director, is a busy man. Smiley has served the chamber for eight years. He said he loves his job despite the long hours. When Smiley does manage some down time, his interests and hobbies are varied, but most revolve around his family and friends. He recently shared with the Courier some of his favorite leisure activities.
• Travel: “I stay on the road a lot. I love to travel and take a day trip somewhere new when I can. I’ve never had a passport but that will change. I was given a passport holder for Christmas so I’m determined to get a passport so I can travel out of the country.”
• Dancing: “I’m a self-proclaimed dancer. I love to shag and I two-step. And, I do some hip-hop now and then. I would like to take ballroom dance lessons as well.”
• Boating: “I will do anything water-related. I love the saltwater. It’s in my blood. I love boating, off-shore fishing, island-hopping or even riding around the coast in a golf cart.”
• Games: “I love to get together with my friends and family for an old-fashioned board game or a good game of spades or any card game, really.”
• Reality TV: “I’m a reality TV junkie. It’s one of those guilty pleasures. I enjoy watching television, especially movies.”
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