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Artist captures essence of area's beauty
Treasures of Midway
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Artistic endeavors: Liberty County artist Pam Takacs focuses her efforts on stained glass, mosaics, jewelry design and lampworking. This pond scene actually covers the septic tank cover at the home she shares with husband Steve.
As so many of our Liberty County residents can attest, Fort Stewart often serves as the gateway to this area.
Pam Takacs, a local artist, and her husband came to the Midway/Sunbury area in 1986 when her husband was stationed at Fort Stewart.
Takacs focuses her efforts on stained glass, mosaics, jewelry design and even does some lampworking.
Takacs has been doing art so long she can’t remember a time when she wasn’t doing it.
“Art has always been part of my life in some form or another,” she said.  
Early on, she dabbled in various arts and crafts projects, styles,and forms. But for the past 20 years, she has primarily worked on stained glass.
Takacs said she “had always wanted to paint with light.” So when she and her husband came to Fort Stewart from Germany, she enrolled in a few classes. Her artwork with light took off from there.  
It was a friend who got Takacs into lampworking. When one first hears the term “lampworking” one automatically thinks this would be an art form for building lamps. But she said lampworking is actually, “the art of melting glass onto a steel mandrel to make glass beads.”
Takacs has created many works of art with glass beads that she made through her own lampworking.
Regarding her home in the Midway area, she said she loves it.
The historic aspects of Midway and the natural beauty of the area serve as inspiration for her artwork.
She said she really enjoys living in a town with a lot of history behind it. While Midway may be a good home for Takacs and her family, it is also a cultural center for her artwork. People can find Pam Takacs’ artwork at The Midway Gallery or on her Web site at
One of the works of art she is most proud of though is in her own yard. To mask the sight of the septic tank in her yard, Takacs designed, created and built a Koi fishpond over the tank.
She loves it “because it is very unusual, and I turned an eyesore into an asset.”
Takacs says some of the artists who have inspired her over the years include, Frank Lloyd Wright, Dale Chihuly, LC Tiffany, Gaudy and Monet.
For Takacs, art is a form of relaxation and escape.
“I can remove myself from this world, the pressures of this rat race are gone, and there is just me and my art. It keeps me sane,” she said.  
The inspiration she garners from living and working in the Midway area comes out in her art. This inspiration she felt in creating a particular piece of art is what Takacs wants people to feel themselves when they see it.
“I want my art to bring them beauty. When they look at one of my custom designed pieces, I want them to feel part of it,” she said.
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