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Businesses have many options for recycling
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Waste reduction and recycling make sense for everyone — families and businesses. Recycling saves landfill space, conserves natural resources and reduces the amount of energy needed to make new items. In these tough economic times, that is really important for all of us.
Businesses that recycle save storage space and look out for our future by minimizing production costs and protecting our environment. Locally, we have many small businesses that make recycling a priority. They consistently look for ways to reduce and minimize waste to keep costs down. That always pays off for the consumers, too.
Here are some ideas that any business can incorporate to minimize waste:


• Establish purchasing guidelines to encourage waste prevention.
• Consider availability of repair services when buying equipment.
• Substitute less toxic materials for toxic materials.
• Request that deliveries be shipped in returnable containers.
• Order supplies by voice mail or online.

Product packaging
• Eliminate unneeded packaging.
• Use reusable boxes and mailbags for shipping.
• Reuse packing materials.
• Return, reuse and repair wooden pallets and spools.

Writing/printing paper

• Make double-sided copies.
• Reuse envelopes and use two-way envelopes.
• Route or circulate memos, periodicals and reports.
• Use e-mail or post memos on a central bulletin board.
• Make scratch pads from used paper.
• Eliminate unnecessary forms.
• Save documents electronically instead of printing copies.
• Proof documents on screen before printing.
• Donate old magazines.
• Call or mail postcards directly to senders asking that your name be removed from mailing lists.

Overstocked/surplus items
• Set up an area for employees to exchange used items.
• Advertise surplus and reusable items through a waste exchange.

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