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Convenience center is eyesore of week
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Eyesore of the week: Ride around Liberty County and look at all the convenience centers. Visit ours last. Opinion? Ours is an eyesore. The chainlink fence was backed into over four years ago by a county employee and it still has not been repaired. The wooden slat fence that is down the right side of the road across from the center is rotten and missing some slats. There are no plants or bushes for ambiance. This convenience center is definitely an eyesore.  

Good news for recyclers: While heading to Jesup recently to take nine large bags of aluminum cans, I spotted a “new” Coastal Used Auto Parts on the left not too far past Airport Road. A classy “privacy” fence now hides all the wrecked cars and they will now take aluminum. My 17 pounds of cans brought me $10. Owner Gary Gibbs has partnered with our own Sara Swida in her quest to get the public to recycle. They will take your junk cars, steel, copper, any kind of metal. Check it out.

Attention: Will the lady who called me several weeks ago with plants to donate, please call me again. I’ve lost your name and phone number in the heap on my desk. Thanks a bunch.

Dance of the pollinators: All this summer, I noticed my candy corn plant being consumed, my key lime tree being slowly devoured and my three different species of butterfly weed and milkweed disappearing. I  knew, sooner or later, I would see the product of these voracious caterpillars. I have seen tiger swallowtails, giant swallowtails, zebras, sulphurs, spicebush and fritillaries. I did spot a monarch caterpillar when it was about 1/16 inches long, but I think a bird or maybe even a lizard must have gotten it because I never saw it mature. I took an awesome picture of a zebra butterfly on one of my lantanas. They feed on passion flowers, which I am fortunate to have the miniature variety growing wild on my property.  And my wild horsemint was all a buzz this summer with bees, which are excellent pollinators. I may plant some of that in my vegetable garden next summer.  So when you see your plants that butterflies feed on being devoured, let them have at it and you’ll be rewarded several months later with the “dance of the pollinators.”

Why?:  If the highest speed limit nationwide is no more than 75 miles per hour, then why do they make vehicles that can go 140 miles per hour? Why did they take the dimmer switch off the floorboard of vehicles and place them on the steering wheel? It would seem a lot safer to take your left foot and dim the lights, rather than having to take your hand off the steering wheel. And I don’t know about you, but I thought running boards were cool. I think all the new inventions on automobiles and trucks are great and have made vehicles much safer. Now, if we could just get people to use their turn signals and mirrors.

CoastFest: Next Saturday, Oct. 6, is the annual environmental festival at the DNR headquarters at the foot of the Sidney Lanier Bridge in Brunswick. More than 90 booths will be set up to offer educational and interactive components. There will be costumed historical interpreters, mobile aquariums, live animals, native plants for sale and musket firing. Every booth has giveaways. Your entire family will leave with a new awareness of our environment. The puppet people will delight your children. There will be Native Americans there to share their heritage. You can board a DNR research vessel, and a Coast Guard ship. Handle live sea creatures and learn how to promote wildlife. This is a free festival for the entire family. Food and drink will be on sale by organizations.

Just have to ask:
Since a “no smoking” law was enacted a couple of years ago, statewide, why did Flemington have to pass a “no smoking” law within their small community? It is against the law to smoke in any public building in Georgia ... period!

Artifact and Fossil Show: If you want to take your family to an educational show, then mark this one down on your calendar.  Savannah will host its first annual Artifact and Fossil Show on Oct. 27 at the Alee Shriners Temple on Skidaway Road from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is $2 with children under 12 admitted free. There will be Native American and pre-Columbian artifacts, fossils, minerals, antique bottles, civil war items and a raffle, with awards given to the exhibitors and food for sale. There will be a “knapping” demonstration by Joe McCollum. Thanks to the efforts of Holly Petrea of Wilmington Island and her six sponsors, this show should be a big success.

Yard sale: Before you know it, the first Saturday of October will be here. That means another big yard sale in front of PoJo’s in Midway. I will be at Coastfest, but please stop by and persue all the bargains.
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