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Don't be the next eyesore of the week
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Eyesore of the week: The vacant lot across the street from my house is this week’s featured attraction. These people, who live in Georgetown, bought the lot over three years ago, telling us they intended to build a house and a swimming pool on it. Since then, they placed a fifth wheel and motor home on the lot. The motor home eventually was sold or moved. Now they have dumped a horse trailer, a container trailer, a utility trailer, used lumber, ceiling fans and just plain junk on the lot. Most of the time, the grass doesn’t get cut until it’s as high as your thigh. I think they have the idea this is their dumping ground. Well, it’s not! Haul all that stuff back to Georgetown where it belongs.

Illegal book bags: I can’t help but wonder why retailers in our area keep advertising book bags that are not clear or see through. Imagine how irate a parent will be when their child is sent back home because they don’t have a legal book bag. I thought the law stated all book bags had to be clear or see through. How about it school board?

Wonders never cease: Since finding so many unusual insects in my yard this summer, I was even more impressed this week. My mom and I were walking around the yard viewing all the plants that are in bloom when we spotted something unusual on my apple tree. The bark of my tree is light colored and there, hiding in the crease of a limb, was an albino frog. He was almost invisible. On other occasion, I spotted a swallowtail butterfly caterpillar and thought it was a bird dropping — black with a little white mixed in. When it began to move, I realized it was a caterpillar, fully camouflaged from predators. And once, while weeding a flowerbed, I began to find tiny eggs along my bricks. These eggs were about the size of an okra seed. When I traced them down, I found a large, spiral-shaped snail laying the eggs. Mother Nature knows what she’s doing.

Boaters beware: Two boats, one at Oak Island and one at Lake George, have been stolen in the past three or four months. Both boats had the hitch pointed out towards the road, with no locks on them. The thieves just backed up to them, hitched them up and drove off. Since then, I’ve ridden around and can’t believe how many more I’ve seen with no locks on the hitch. I’ve also seen utility trailers with no locks and golf carts and lawn tractors parked with the keys still in them. This is not the 1940s where you could leave your doors unlocked. Such a shame, but true.  

Volunteers needed: If you have some spare time and would like to do a good deed, call Joann Clark at the Midway Museum. They have lots of clearing to do there and nature trails to build. By the way, membership dues are only $10. You could even make a donation to help with these projects. Call 884-5837.

Gardening in Georgia: Sometimes my schedule will allow me to view a program that has a lot of good information on it. One show I caught recently, showed Walter Reeves, the host, demonstrating how to save tomato seeds. I couldn’t help but wonder why he made it look so difficult. My grandmother showed me a trick that works every time. When you have a tomato go bad, cut it open, exposing the seeds and take a spoon and scoop one seed at a time out on a paper towel, spacing them about four inches apart. When you have a whole row, then start a new row doing the same thing. When you’ve completely covered the entire paper towel with seeds, cut the rows into single strips. Next spring, lay these strips down in a trench about one-inch deep and cover with soil. Within a few weeks you will have all the tomatoes you’ll need for the summer. The paper towel becomes wet when you water your newly planted seeds and will help germinate the seeds. The paper towel will eventually biodegrade. Easy huh?

Pojo’s  monthly yard sale: Don’t forget, weather permitting, PoJo’s will have its monthly first Saturday yard sale tomorrow. Get there early for all the bargains. And while you’re there browse the antique shop. A fun way to spend a Saturday.  

Kudos: Midway Mayor Emmons, you are to be commended for all you’ve done since taking office. The new townhomes on Martin Drive are gorgeous. Getting the drive repaired on Butler Avenue was much appreciated. Now the Sawgrass project is coming to pass, it will be the biggest tourist booster off I-95 that Midway has seen in a long time. I just hope you can get Kroger’s to build there and a Cracker Barrel. Midway is seeing a new surge in progress and we have you to thank for it. 
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